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    Morning folks, just looking for some opinions/advice/reassurance! My little one opens his mouths and chirps but it only seems to be when he is in the bath and has done it since I’ve had him(which is about 6 weeks) . Is this normal? He has done it a couple of times when I’ve put him back in his...
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    Lining a vivarium?

    Does anyone line their vivs and if so, what do I use?
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    Viv or table

    Hi guys Need a bit of advice, I am on another forum on Facebook and am getting slated for having my tort in a vivarium and being told to move him to a table. Mostly because vivs are bad due the glass stressing them out and too much humidity. I have a vet appointment for him as I think he has a...
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    Sleepy baby

    Hi 🙋🏼‍♀️ I am really just looking for a bit of reassurance - feel as if this forum is a permanent fixture in my daily routine at the minute! Todd is 4 months and has been with me for a week and up until today has been really active and hardly sleeping through the day. But today he’s finding it...
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    Is the glass stressing my little guy out?

    Hey! I’ve read loads of conflicting advice on vivarium glass stressing a tortoise as they don’t understand why they can’t get through! I’ve posted a photo of Todd climbing up the glass and I can’t decide whether or not he is distressed or just winding the dogs up! Also, he keeps falling on his...
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    Is temperature to hot?

    Hi guys! Todd is doing great, we are 5 days in and he’s a character! He has been having his morning soaks and enjoying them. I’ve still to change his substrate but plan to get him coir . Got my temp gun and I feel the temp in his hot end is too hot, especially u set his lamp. It’s 38-42, his...
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    Right temp?

    Hi new tortoise mum here! I am keeping my baby hermann in a vivarium at the moment as advised from the guy I got him from and then I will move him to a table later on . What I am struggling with is what overall temp should the enclosure be? I know we need a cool side abs warm side but I was...