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  1. SweetGreekTorts

    Kapidolo Farms Gel Kits

    If you haven't tried the Kapidolo Farms "Gel Kits," then I highly recommend you do! Each pack makes a large portion that you can refrigerate or freeze for later, and you can customize what you want in the kit. I've added this to the breakfast menu once a week and all my torts love it! Also easy...
  2. SweetGreekTorts

    My Pancake Group

    I've put together my pancake group! Most of these beauties are from Dave Mifsud. Two I got from Randy at Tortstork. I'll raise these and breed them to help conserve their critically endangered species. So now my breeding program will cover the Testudo graeca and the Pancakes...
  3. SweetGreekTorts

    T.g. buxtoni

    I had the opportunity to visit Arizona Tortoise Compound yesterday and WOW! Also brought home a new subspecies group for my breeding program. These are Testudo graeca buxtoni, also called the "Caspian Sea" Greek. Looking forward to watching these babies grow and start producing babies of their own.
  4. SweetGreekTorts

    Greek Tortoise Yearling For Sale

    Currently not shipping until temps cool down, so this is for pick-up only in Tucson, Arizona. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Price is $300 Firm.
  5. SweetGreekTorts

    Testudo graeca soussensis

    Our last hatchlings for the 2019 season... Testudo graeca soussensis, from the southern/southwestern region of Morocco. They do look similar to their marokkensis neighbors in the northern region. We will share a more detailed highlight about this lesser-known subspecies soon. These were bred by...
  6. SweetGreekTorts

    Testudo graeca terrestris - Lebanon!

    My new hatchlings from Garden State Tortoise arrived this morning. A new subspecies for my breeding program. These are terrestris, the Lebanon locale. Their names are Poseidon (incubated male, hatched 7/30/19), Hera (incubated female, hatched 8/2/19), and Aphrodite (incubated female, hatched...
  7. SweetGreekTorts

    Tucson Tort Sitter

    Are there any other experienced tortoise keepers in Tucson, AZ? I have 10 years experience and 30 tortoises, and am looking to find another similar, serious keeper who would be willing to help me out with "tort sitting" once in awhile. I rarely leave town, but currently when I do I have family...
  8. SweetGreekTorts

    Garden State Tortoise - Testudo graeca Heaven

    I received these two gorgeous Testudo graeca terrestris hatchlings today from Garden State Tortoise! They are super healthy, wide-eyed and active, enjoyed their soak upon arrival, had some breakfast, and are now exploring their new enclosure. I've bought hatchlings before from Chris, and I am...
  9. SweetGreekTorts

    Tortstork Insta-Hatch Egg #44 Review

    As I've now had a second, amazing experience with Tortstork's "Insta-Hatch" eggs, I want to write another review to share my experience because it gave me a very cool surprise: I have to admit this is one of the most fun things I've ever done in my life. It's one thing to get a tortoise, even a...
  10. SweetGreekTorts

    Tortstork "Insta-Hatch" Marokkensis Egg!

    Today I received my second "Insta-Hatch" Egg from Tortstork! It's currently settled in my incubator and will be hatching any day now. It's a Testudo graeca marokkensis (Moroccan Greek), incubated male to add to the two incubated female babies I purchased last season. There's an unboxing video...
  11. SweetGreekTorts

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

    Hope you all have a great one! [emoji217][emoji173][emoji256]
  12. SweetGreekTorts

    TSA 2019 Symposium

    17th Annual Symposium on the Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles August 4 - August 8, 2019 The 17th Annual Symposium will be hosted in Tucson, Arizona Early Bird Registration is now available. Hope to see you guys here! I'm...
  13. SweetGreekTorts

    License to Tort

    Literally! [emoji16] I'm honestly surprised nobody else in Arizona claimed it, because now it's all mine!
  14. SweetGreekTorts

    Greek Babies!

    A few recent photos of the Big Fat Greek Creep. They are growing like weeds!
  15. SweetGreekTorts

    The Next Generation of Tortoise Husbandry?

    I've seen a lot of very unusual behaviors by new tortoise owners that I have to admit has me worried about the future of tortoise husbandry. I'm seeing the following ridiculous things on Facebook: Mi casa es tortuga casa! This has trouble written all over it. Cold and slippery tile floors...
  16. SweetGreekTorts

    Christmas Gifts - New Diggs

    I finally got all the babies moved into their new tortoise tables that I built for them for Christmas... Every table is lined with Flex Seal to waterproof the wood. Then I applied "peel and stick" tiles and filled any cracks with silicone to waterproof even more (and have the inside walls...
  17. SweetGreekTorts

    Testudo graeca Photo Op

    Ever look closely at the unique details of different subspecies of Greek tortoises? I did a little photo op today with some of my babies...
  18. SweetGreekTorts

    Rubber Duckies Not Included...

    My Greek babies just enjoying their daily morning warm water soak.. I love how smooth they are all growing [emoji173]
  19. SweetGreekTorts

    Finally Introduced... Hello from the Arizona Desert!

    Good Morning! I've been a member of this Forum since the summer and finally would like to introduce myself: My name is Kitty (yes, real first name) and I live in Arizona. I've had various species of tortoises and turtles for most of my life. After many years of raising my personal ones as pets...
  20. SweetGreekTorts

    Guess What!

    You have just been mooned by a baby tortoise! Have a nice day! [emoji173][emoji217][emoji287]