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  1. RainsOn


    Recently had my Russian tort to vet. Had to mail in fecal sample. Came back that Digger has a parasite - not worms - but, a parasite the vet wants to give him medicine for. Says I need to bring him back for a dose. Don't remember what the vet called this parasite. QUESTION: What do they do...
  2. RainsOn


    My Russian is an estimated 16 yrs old. Do I need to hibernate him? If so, how? I'm very nervous about using a frig but have no problem with getting a small one just for him - as long as I can get a step by step from the pros on this forum. This does seem to be the only recourse if he needs...
  3. RainsOn

    About Food

    Okay, I am aware the basic diet for these little guys is leaves. What about spinach? I have read pros and cons so want to get this forum's opinion. While I'm here; there are times that greens are not readily available in every climate so I would also like opinions on: peas, carrots, broccoli...
  4. RainsOn

    Moved; need to make profile changes.

    I need to update and make changes to my profile. IE: location How do I do that?
  5. RainsOn

    I'm back

    I am not totally new but have been away for a few years. I am back (with Yvonne's favorite avatar) because I need Tortoise Forum - and so does my Russian named "Digger". I have (since first visit) relocated to NE OKlahoma. I will be creating a new outdoor habitat for Digger and posting...
  6. RainsOn

    Photos (now beak trim)

    How do I up load photos to a discussion box ??? I click on the photo icon above but get an option for URL. I need and "Upload" option. Need to show pics to get advice on beak and shell color.
  7. RainsOn

    Can Russian get a wart?

    Digger has a small "something" at the corner of one side of his mouth. Best I can describe it is a wart. It does not seem to bother him, it is very small. At first I thought it was a piece of flaking skin.
  8. RainsOn

    Shite Specks in organic soil

    Okay . . . . labels are seldom what they say. I need a microscope to read all the fine printed ingredients on anything. I purchased "organic" soil from a garden store for Digger's indoor habitat. I just opened the bag and dumped it in. No problem, right? After all it's "organic". Yeah but...
  9. RainsOn

    HELP! My tortoise sneezed

    He has been outside in his habitat since it warmed up. We had some rain and a couple cool nights. I brought him in for a good warm soak. While eating, he seemed to have some trouble swallowing. Then, I think he sneezed: a little noise escaped as his head quickly retreated into his shell...
  10. RainsOn

    New Tortoise Food

    Winter with a Russian indoors can give concern about regular eating and available diet. I recently found a "food" in PetSmart, National Geographic brand called Tortoise Entrée in a foil packet. Bought it. Took it home and read the ingredients. Seems to have quite a bit of fruit, fructose and...
  11. RainsOn

    Potty Training

    I bring my Russian, "Digger" inside in the winter and try to enjoy his company around the house every couple days to help keep him active and mentally stimulated. This little imp will do his "duty" every time and walk through it and move to another area and do it again. He will do this several...
  12. RainsOn

    Take Heart

    Happy to report that after months of being picky eater and me trying everything under the sun, Digger is eating again. He was refusing just about everything I offered last spring. He was nibbling every three to five days; had this mother in a panic. I tried tricking him into eating with...
  13. RainsOn

    Panting/Gulping Tortoise?

    I noticed yesterday Digger was "gulping" - ? His mouth is shut but the muscles in his neck were moving as though he was gulping. Anybody know what this means? ? ? ? ? ? ? o_O
  14. RainsOn

    Birds in Habitat

    What's with birds fascination with my Russian tortoise? He is now in his outdoor habitat for the summer and Mocking birds and black birds (the aggressive ones) are sitting on the fence and fussing at him, even when he is asleep in a clay pot. What's with this? Is there any chance they could...
  15. RainsOn

    Russian on his Back

    When I found Digger on his back today in his habitat, it prompted me to ask: How long could a Russian tortoise remain on his back before an issue sets in???? :eek: :rolleyes: :confused: :mad: :( :eek: :oops: :mad: :confused: :( :eek:
  16. RainsOn

    picky eater

    This thread has been helpful but I need some tailored advice. Digger took a liking to some veggies that I found out he should not have, according to Tortoise (Not sure why I decided to give them to him to start with. Must have read it somewhere - I bought a book. Winter indoors was...
  17. RainsOn

    Butt Scratching

    Hello everyone! Digger and I have not been here much for several months. Our first winter together, I brought him in from his outdoor enclosure to a terrarium where he wanted to hibernate. We got through that with a little tough love, found a variety of things to eat and he seems to be doing...
  18. RainsOn

    Power Out - ?

    We got snow here in Oklahoma early this season. I am in a remote area and it is not uncommon to have power outages during the winter. We run kerosene heaters and bundle up. What do I do to keep Digger, my Russian tort, warm for a couple days?
  19. RainsOn

    Mold in water dish

    I have a feeling this is pretty common BUT . . . how do you keep mold out of the water dish? I do change it daily but it is still there. I scrub with a scratcher and peroxide then rinse well before refilling but the spots remain. Is this an issue?
  20. RainsOn


    Carolina Pet Supply: Grazing Tortoise Grass Seed and UVA/UVB bulb I purchased the above items early October and paid on line with a credit card. My first order with this company because of a recommendation by a highly respected member of this community. It was late October before the seed...