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  1. ComeNT8kIt

    Healthy growth

    We have a young Eastern Hermann’s. I’ve have my little buddy for just over 5 weeks. He’s about 3 months old. Came in at 20 grams. He just weighed in at 40 grams yesterday. I’m gonna assume he’s healthy. Gaining weight. Eating. Poopin. Clear eyes. I just can’t really find anything with an...
  2. ComeNT8kIt

    Hide location

    Do y’all place your hides on the warmer or cool side. We have a 2 month old Hermann’s. Has been utilizing his hide which is on the cooler side but recently starting digging himself a spot under his water dish, which incidentally is under his heat lamp. Is that kind of his way of saying he...
  3. ComeNT8kIt

    Honest enclosure judgement needed

    Long story short this is my first ShellPup and I need some pro-critiquing of this enclosure. First things first “he” is a 20 gram roughly 2 month Hermann’s. It is a 10 gallon zilla reptile terrarium. And I know what y’all are thinking glass never works. But hear me out. I’ve tinted 3 sides...
  4. ComeNT8kIt

    Looking for Reputable breeders

    Soooo .... I’m in the same boat. Did you find any? I actually just emailed garden State Tortoise. I’ve been told Arizona Tortoise Compound is great too but they do not have any Hermann’s either currently
  5. ComeNT8kIt

    Does anyone know of any breeders in South Texas?

    I’ve been looking into getting my first tortoise for a few months now. I believe I have everything I need. I’m looking for a young Eastern Hermann’s. I’m extremely hesitant about online sellers and I’d love to be able to see where and how they’re kept before hand. Does anyone have any ideas?