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  1. Faygen

    Weird noise?

    Hello I've had George about a 7 weeks now and he has been fine up until now, I have recently changed his enclosure as the one he was given to me with had begun to rot on the bottom and he seems to not be moving as much, He is eating and pooping fine but the last three days I've begun to hear...
  2. Faygen

    Shell health

    Unsure if I'm been a little paranoid but I got George about a month ago and his shell has always looked this way but is something wrong? His scutes seem a bit sunk in on some sides.. he's a Russian and 4 years old
  3. Faygen


    I've been here before but thought id best introduce myself again :) I have previously had a Horsefield (Gurty) and a Hermanns (Thomas) however they are sadly no longer with us. :( (Reasons well beyond my control) Its been a long time since they left me and honestly never thought i'd be...
  4. Faygen

    Shell damage?

    Bathing my tortoise today I noticed some marking on the under side of her shell pretty sure it wasn't their before but I have been away and she was being looked after by a close friend who knows what to do with tortoises unsure if it's just a little wear and tear on her shell or something much...
  5. Faygen

    Hey there fellow tortoise lovers!

    Hey, Guys and girls! I'm Fay and this is thomasina who was thought to be a boy before i rescued her and my angel shell baby Gurty who passed away earlier this month. :( Any who thought me and thomas would say hi cause now were a little lonely..