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  1. Riley ann

    7 Leopard hatchlings

    I’m getting ready to move by the end of the month and unfortunately i can’t take them with me. I had two clutches hatch in the backyard.. one almost a month ago and one 2 weeks ago.. I had no clue the eggs were laid usually i incubate.. Im willing to sell them $75 each.. they’ve been introduced...
  2. Riley ann

    9 leopard torts

    I’m moving by the end of this month but i had two clutches hatch in the backyard. 3 are around a month old and the other 6 are from around the 6th.. they’re all healthy, eating and active but i need them gone quickly.. i’m willing to do it for $75 each.. email me @[email protected] for...
  3. Riley ann

    Leopard Tortoises

    I have 7 leopard tortoises, 1 that hatched in February 2019 and 6 that hatched in October 2019. I willing to do $75 + shipping.. they’re all healthy, but unfortunately i will be moving next month and i won’t be able to take them. Email me @[email protected] for pics, question, etc.
  4. Riley ann

    Leopard Tortoise Yearlings

    Hi, I have 2 leopards that hatched on 12/27/18 as well as 3 that hatched 10/24/19. I just had another cutch hatch and I need more room. I’m willing to let them go for $100 + shipping if necessary. Please text me at (909) 438-4185 or email me at [email protected] for pictures, diet, etc.
  5. Riley ann

    PB Leopards

    I have 6 5 month old leopards.. I am looking to get 100 dollars plus shipping but I am pretty flexible.. They are fed a mixed diet as well as they are taken outside and soaked daily. Pm for more information
  6. Riley ann

    6 5 month old PB babies

    Pm me for information
  7. Riley ann

    Shipping temperatures

    I ship through ship your reptiles and they say you can ship as long as the high is above 38 degrees but do you think a low of 36 is too cold??
  8. Riley ann

    Any research available on incest

    I’m not considering it, but I was wondering if there was any scientific evidence on the pros/cons on incest. Just for curiosity
  9. Riley ann

    Well started baby leopards

    I have 5 leopards that will be 4 months old on the 10th. They all weight around 2.5-3.1 ounces. They eat a lot and are very active. They soak and go out side everyday unless the weather doesn’t permit. I’m selling for $100. Email me at [email protected] for pictures of enclosure, the babies...
  10. Riley ann

    Egg shells for yearlings

    Ive been trying to get less grocery store food and grow different varieties of food.I have a clutch of 11 hatching and I usually box brood them with their egg shells. They don’t finish the egg shells and I have some leopards that hatched around September 10th. I know you can feed them egg shells...
  11. Riley ann

    Is this a box turtle

    This guy has an interesting story. I was called into the school office and I was presented with this little guy here I am not 100% sure there is a box turtle but due to a little piece on the bottom of the Shell I’m pretty sure he is I am fostering him hopefully until his owners get them or I’ll...
  12. Riley ann

    Adult Male leopard tortoise hiding in deserts burrow

    I saw my male leopard 3 days ago and my backyard is very hard to get out of. I have brick walls with cement poured underneath to hold them in place and double as a tortoise barrier. I have two female deserts that have dug a burrow to hibernate and hide when it gets hot. My male has a mate and no...
  13. Riley ann

    Leopard babies hatched around April 19-23

    These babies are great and healthy. I have 5 out of the original 9. I in Southern California and I’m not willing to ship. If you message me I will email them to you. I’m selling for a 100 bucks.
  14. Riley ann

    Ways to entertain

    I have 7 hatchlings currently and they are getting pretty mobile. I think that just sitting in a tank all day has to get boring just like if you were to just sit on the couch with no tv or books. I think that domesticated animals aren’t exposed to the kind of stimulation they get in the wild. I...
  15. Riley ann

    Leopard pb hatchlings

    I’m up for anything really. I have my eye set on an incubator by zoomed if some wants to get rid of one. The hatchlings are healthy. They get regular sunlight and soaks. I’d really prefer not to ship them. I live in Southern California.
  16. Riley ann

    Reptile resale

    So I have recently I had a guy who wanted 6. I should have stuck to my gut and that this guys story was fishy. He said 3 were for his cousins. I was like ok. Note I was desperate, there were a ton of hatching from this clutch. I sold him the tortoises at 50 bucks a pop. He sent me picks of them...
  17. Riley ann

    Why do one or 2 always hatch earlier

    Around 2 days ago I go to check the incubator’s humidity when I notice one of my eggs is hatching. I waited for the hatchling to fully hatch and put it in a separate container for brooding. I’m waiting for the other 9 eggs to hatch but I notice how by now my eggs would start piping. I want to...
  18. Riley ann

    Little guy needs a home with a big heart

    I have one leopard about a month old. Nothing wrong with him just nobody picked him. The scale picture is about as accurate as it gets. This guy is a little squirmy. Anywhere from 1.3 to 1.4 ounces.
  19. Riley ann

    Altitude = death?

    I sold a perfectly Healthy hatching to a person who was going to give it to her niece for Christmas. The lady lives around 700 feet above sea level and her niece lives in the mountains. She took care of the turtle for a month. He was healthy and fine, eating and drinking. It gets to the nieces...
  20. Riley ann


    If I ship a tortoise would it be considered mean or cruel.