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  1. Quadro

    Enclosure upgrades

    Okay so I’m not liking this cold weather and I’m very sure my torts do not either I bring them in the house when it gets below certain temps but I was thinking about my outside enclosure which is 20ft x30 ft roughly and they have a radiant heat panel in there house and thermostat but I still...
  2. Quadro

    Is this plant safe ?

    So I was ordering a plant for torts to eat not until next year it was for my zone and said it’s a Minerva Rose of Sharon Althea Shrub Hibiscus syriacus 'Minerva will this be okay ?
  3. Quadro

    Fast growing trees .com

    I was just wondering has any one ordered from fast growing before ? I seen that they have mulberry trees that I can plant and my torts can eat from them . The reviews seem decent and they are in SC .
  4. Quadro

    Hibiscus bush and trees alive or dead ?

    I was just wondering should my hibiscus trees I bought last year along with some bushes be blooming or getting leaves by now ? I live in SC and I planted them last year so they were out all winter long not sure if anyone else has hibiscus out all year or not . I just don’t want to dig them up...
  5. Quadro

    We’re all loving this weather !!!!

    All my babies are enjoying this nice SC weather !!!! And so am I !!!😊
  6. Quadro

    Pics of my enclosure !

    Here is pictures of the outside enclosure being built BEFORE we brought our babies home and still expanding it soon as SC heat finally gets here 😊
  7. Quadro

    End of life arrangements for torts

    Okay so I was just wondering I myself am not a spring chicken anymore 😆 but having said that it’s been on my mind lately if something happens to me what happens to my tortoises they have long life spans and my parrots as well what do you do where do you start ? Has this ever been on anyone...
  8. Quadro

    When they tell you your tortoise was farm raised what exactly does that mean ?

    If they tell you your tortoise was farm raised that doesn’t mean CB right ?
  9. Quadro

    Still to little to sex ?

    Shout out to the more experienced keepers and old timers was just curious if this tort is still to little to sex I measured it but still think some more growing room before telling but not sure opinions please ? Not sure if I posted in the right place still learning lol
  10. Quadro

    Hi everyone from SC

    I am a new mother of tortoises I adopted them from a sanctuary that I volunteered at for several years the species is the red foot tortoise I have a male and two females and a younger one sex to be announced when older I will also post pictures of them and their enclosure when I get used to...