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  1. solidsounds17

    Our Power is Out 😨

    Maaaan, and I thought I had it bad here in LA when I leave for work in 50 degree weather...
  2. solidsounds17

    Safe Building Material Help

    You might want to look into PVC. I’ve had bad experience using wood, even using pond liner to help with wood rot, and I had to get rid of it.
  3. solidsounds17

    Enclosure for Leopard Tortoise

    Posting a pic of your enclosure helps.
  4. solidsounds17

    Cocos habitat and life updates

    Have you thoroughly read the care sheet for you given species? A lot of answers can be found through there.
  5. solidsounds17

    Cocos habitat and life updates

    How old are you?
  6. solidsounds17


    I think for adult, soaking should be like once or twice every week?
  7. solidsounds17

    why is my tortosie sleeping more?

    Posting a picture of your enclosure helps.
  8. solidsounds17

    Temporary foster (a couple of years)

    sounds cool, can we see pics?
  9. solidsounds17

    Cocos habitat and life updates

    Double Double from In n out or some tacos. You can never go wrong with either or!
  10. solidsounds17

    Is my tortoise overweight?

    Buy charlie a treadmill and put him/her on a calorie deficit.
  11. solidsounds17

    Adult Leopard tortoise - Am I doing it right?

    What grocery store do you shop at?
  12. solidsounds17

    How often should I clean

    16? What kind of species do you have?
  13. solidsounds17

    Looking for Greek Tortoise

    You can try looking for on the verified vendors thread and reaching out to said vendors. Though I reckon not a whole lot of babies are hatched in winter.
  14. solidsounds17

    What’s your best recommendation to purchase?

    Thank you for the illustration. Is your tent laid flat or standing ?
  15. solidsounds17

    What’s your best recommendation to purchase?

    What do you use to hang your lights ?
  16. solidsounds17

    Humidity in wooden enclosure

    Mine only lasted about 4 months before the water began to penetrate the wood and started to rot everything. Once it starts to rot it’ll begin to smell. I suggest you switch over to grow tent and turn it to its sides.
  17. solidsounds17

    Tortoise noise tolerance?

    I believe I read somewhere that tortoises are deaf but instead hear through vibrations. I’m not sure how true that is so perhaps one of the experts on here can clarify.
  18. solidsounds17

    Best plants?

    What soil are you using?
  19. solidsounds17

    Growing your own

    It’ll die eventually lol
  20. solidsounds17

    Please welcome our tortoise family

    Beautiful line up! Wish I can have a family like this one day!