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    Michaelangelo basking with the log.
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    Raphael eating watermelon.
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    Comment by 'Iris Olmstead' in media 'Tank.jpg'

    You have a beautiful tortoise
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    Redfoot tortoise enclosure

    Thanks Skip K
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    Redfoot tortoise enclosure

    Thats really helpful, thank you so much
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    Redfoot tortoise enclosure

    They seem to get along really well, they are always together, I have a lot of places that they can be without them being able to see each other but I will keep that in mind when building the next enclosure. What would be a recommended size for the enclosure?
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    Redfoot tortoise enclosure

    I can't build an outside enclosure cause I live in Vermont and we're about to hit winter here.
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    Newbie here :)

    That looks good to me, how deep is your substrate?
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    Pees in her food plate - toss food?

    Its normal for them to go to the bathroom in there food. Just clean the slate once a day. Also try using more of a flat surface for her food spot so the pee can run off instead.
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    Redfoot tortoise enclosure

    Hi, I have two red foot tortoises that I got from a pet store recently I've had one for about a month and the second for a couple of days. They both seem to be doing well and getting along together in there enclosure but I want to build a bigger one now that there are two of them. What should I...