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  1. juli11

    Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima pulcherrima

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody keep this species here. I’m hoping for some informations about their adult size, food, keeping (water/land) breeding. Hope to get some answers!!
  2. juli11

    New York

    I will travel to New York next week. I think some of you come from America ;) and maybe from New York. Is there anything I have to visit? Especially zoos etc with reptiles / turtles? I will also buy mazuri because it isn’t available here and I’ll try to feed it to my turtles. Is it available in...
  3. juli11

    Platemys platycephala

    I think it’s a species which have to become more popular. It would be difficult to get new animals in the future (for Europe). This species isn’t breed regularly because nobody really have idea or a 100% plan to breed them constantly. I keep a group of 3,5 adult animals at the moment which I...
  4. juli11

    Starting with K. Erosa again

    Just get a full adult pair of kinixys erosa. Doing great in the first days. Eating very well!
  5. juli11

    0,1 Kinixys Lobatsiana (Europe)

    I'm looking for a female kinixys Lobatsiana in Europe. If anybody have an animal available or know somebody who has them available please let me know. I can pay or trade with 1,0 K. Lobatsiana or 0,1 K. Spekii
  6. juli11

    My new room!

    After a fire in my neighborhood we have to make our roof new because of the smell. Very stressful but also good for me to create a new and smarter turtle room. The wood boxes are for kinixys. I'm working with plastic boxes. These boxes are for adult females of cruentatum, dorsalis...
  7. juli11

    K. cruentatum

    Just bought a group of these cool animals. I already have 2 young animals but I had the chance to get 1,2 adult. This was 2 weeks ago and now ;) And here some pictures of them. Not all animals I'll make more! (The female enclosure) the male and the two baby's are together in an enclosure with...
  8. juli11

    Do we have a kinosternon expert?

    Do you have any expert of this genus? Or can anyone tell me how many species of them are native to Mexico?
  9. juli11

    Maybe something interesting for all Kinixys fans ;)
  10. juli11


    Just picked up a young pie of mauremys japonica. I drove ca. 400km to pick them up. Cool animals! Super active. I still don't know how I would keep them... More terrestrial or more aquatic? Some ideas? Pics will come tomorrow ;)
  11. juli11

    Kinixys spekii for sale

    0,0,2 Kinixys spekii CB 16 for sale. They're only available in Europe. I'll be at the Hamm show in September but I'm also able to ship them. Pm me if you're interested
  12. juli11

    Hamm show September

    Does anyone of you here in forum plan to go to the reptile show in Hamm this September?
  13. juli11

    Kinixys Experts help!

    I need your help! What du you think? Is that species kinixys belliana belliana or spekii? The guy says it spekii and it comes from Kenya..?!
  14. juli11


    ATTACH=full]179115[/ATTACH] I have these guys now for 2 years and 10 months! They doing really well. Hopefully the female will be ready to breed this year or next year. This species is my favorite species next to Kinixys spekii!
  15. juli11


    So after 6 months in the earth a female boetgeri finished her hibernation. I let her doing everything by herself. She grabbed her self inside the earth a comes out by herself.
  16. juli11


    I'm wondering if somebody here keep this species? And I'm interning in to see the enclosures of them!
  17. juli11

    New additions!

    Today I got a pair of Pelusios nanus and a trio of rieppeleon brevicaudatus . I still worked with brevicaudatus but nanus is new for me! Female
  18. juli11

    Emys orbicularis orbicularis

    Two new baby's of orbicularis. They parents are from east Polska they're unrelated and genetical proven! Beautiful animals strong against hard weather!
  19. juli11


    I bought a new male of them to raise their testosterone up hopefully it works now with breeding..
  20. juli11

    S. carinatus

    Last Friday I got a group of 1,2 Sternotherus carinatus. They will be ready to breed this year or for sure next. Beautiful animals 1,1 are still eating very well but one female is a bit shy. Hopefully she starts eating in the next days! I'll post better photos :D