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  1. JThompson

    2019 Kinixys zombensis

    Meet Dill, a 2019 Kinixys zombensis This one is extra special to me, and I am proud to say that it hatched here at The Kinixys Cooperative The morning of September 16th I got up early, fed the tortoises, and for some reason decided to check on the Zom eggs. I incubate them buried in a few...
  2. JThompson

    Hypo Redfoot Tortoises

    Hypo and 100% Het Hypo Redfoot Tortoises These are “West Coast Ghost” Hypo Redfoot Tortoises produced by my good friend Jeff at Tortoise Cove. He has had some serious health complications and I am helping him sell some of his offspring. I bought a group of Hypos from him last year and can...