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  1. ErinH

    Growing up so fast

    Hi Forum, Just wanted to check in with this handsome little dinosaur! I haven't had tons of time for forum browsing, but nobody else cares about my tohrt photos. Here is Neo at 5 months and 72 grams, and now at 9 months and 215 grams! 🙂 And soaking up some afternoon rays! Constant side eye...
  2. ErinH

    Leo Neo growage!

    Look at this dinosaur go!
  3. ErinH

    Tohrtle butts!

    Is this anyone else's favorite view, or is it just me? 😆
  4. ErinH

    Incandescent bulbs?

    I live in California and apparently these are banned? I'm so confused. If I'm looking for regular basking bulbs what's the difference between "incandescent equivalent" and the incandescent that can't be shipped to me?? Help me, I don't know things.
  5. ErinH

    LONG leopard intro and a couple questions!

    Hi Tortoise Forum! I'm Erin, I live in Sacramento, and I've been lurking quietly around here for awhile now. Last month I was lucky enough to be able to get a tiny baby leopard from @wccmog10, who was so patient with my questions and concerns. I named him/her Neo, but he's been addressed as...