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  1. bonsai tortoise

    Fresh Marine

    Anyone ever dealt with Fresh Marine? Here’s a link:
  2. bonsai tortoise

    Marginated, Ibera Greek, and Hermann’s

    Looking for the following: Eastern Hermann’s - adult or juvenile female Ibera Greek - well started or confirmed female Marginated - any size
  3. bonsai tortoise

    Redfoot with leg issues

    I've been keeping and breeding tortoises for 10-15 years as a hobbyist. I love it and love how my kids interact with them. I do sell some however I never make a profit and do it just for the personal rewards of keeping tortoises. But I recently came across a tortoise with some leg issues and...
  4. bonsai tortoise

    Leopards and Sulcatas for sale or trade

    I have two female sulcatas and two unsexed juvenile leopards for sale or trade. All are incredibly healthy and in heavy growth modes right now. One of the sulcatas has a fair bit of pyramiding from a previous owner but has come in smooth since I got her a couple years ago. They are kept...
  5. bonsai tortoise

    ISO Ibera Greek tortoises

    If anyone has Ibera Greek tortoises I would be interested. Hatchlings, yearlings or juveniles of either sex. If adults, females only. I currently have a pair so I can’t add another male just yet. Thanks.
  6. bonsai tortoise

    Some pics

    Some pics of some of my favorite things.