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    Happiness is a cozy cave

    Tord enjoying what is probably the last day outside this year. This is his favorite of the three hides in his enclosure. I think it's the combination of being barely big enough for him and about 3x his length is what does it. You literally have to get down on your hands and knees to see if he is...
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    Worse than robins

    You know how robins will hang around and keep an eye on you while you're gardening so they can get the worms you dig up? Torts are MUCH worse.
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    If you were designing the perfect outdoor Redfoot enclosure...

    What would your must haves include? This spring I built an outdoor enclosure for my for my son's tortoise. I live in Ontario so it is essentially a summer playground for him. I think I've got the basics covered, he has water, a couple hides to choose from, a low bush shady area that doubles as...
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    New member

    Hi, I've been lurking around for a little while checking out all the great info and thought I should introduce myself before I start to bother everybody with questions. I'm Tord's grandpa. Tord is a Redfoot my 11y.o. adopted from neighbors across the street late last summer. They had a pair...