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  1. Nash

    Burmese Star Baby Photo Shoot

    OH, HOW adorably cute to both of you!
  2. Nash

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas!
  3. Nash

    Summer Stars

    We thoroughly enjoyed watching your sulcata hatchlings. Looking very forward to watching your Stars now! Thank you for taking the time.
  4. Nash

    Meet baby Jellie

    Congrats to both Chubbs the Tegu and Mark! You both deserve a hand of applause! Just as cute as can be!
  5. Nash

    In crisis my tortoise is dying please help

    I'm sorry 😢 But please do stay hooked up with us so that you can help others. It's always good to have others' support and consolation. We can only hope that before others get any tortoise, especially little hatchlings, they do research first but that's not generally the case. Like me I...
  6. Nash

    I bought some sulcata tortoises!!!

    Please listen to Karen and Tom! If you look around this tortoise forum you will see for yourself they have been support and education for a very long time to all of us. You can't go wrong if you listen to them.
  7. Nash

    Sulcata scute lifted up

    Poor thing! 😢 Is he going to have to live this way his whole life? I made mine a beautiful yard and a wonderful habitat. Seeing this way of life just makes me so angry.
  8. Nash

    Deciding to get a baby Sulcata!

    That is exactly what I used to buy. For the past 4 years I went looking for it. No matter what the season or time of year, they didn't carry it anymore. I ended up buying it online. Violanna, you might ask Tom about your box plans. The doors on the top unless you do something really...
  9. Nash

    Deciding to get a baby Sulcata!

    I got the Cypress Mulch from Home Depot, but that was 6 years ago. I can't find it anymore. I'm glad I bought 6 huge bags way back then. I was real glad when we moved him outside because I was running low on it. I would order my sphagnum moss from Amazon, it was green and for Galapagos...
  10. Nash

    Deciding to get a baby Sulcata!

    Again I learned all of this by reading what Tom, Yvonne, Mark would write. There are others out there too, that have good ideas. Tom has been a godsend. Listen to them, they care about you and your tortoise. You will be the best Vet Tech out there if you do. Good luck!
  11. Nash

    Deciding to get a baby Sulcata!

    Violanna, I forgot to mention too that the sealed inside habitat had a uv light, the CHE heat and a small regular bulb (that put off light and some heat, not much). I didn't want to burn his little shell. I surely didn't get as hot as those blasted heat lamps the pet store tell you to buy and...
  12. Nash

    Deciding to get a baby Sulcata!

    I never had a tortoise before I got mine and then it was a sulcata. I did every thing wrong the first 2 months I had him. It was then that I found this forum and changed EVERYTHING. My husband and I immediately made a 2X4ft. SEALED enclosure. I put a window with a caulking in the front so he...
  13. Nash

    Mary Knobbins

    Folks just like me don't discover this website until AFTER they buy them.
  14. Nash

    Mary Knobbins

    I'm afraid so many will be abandoned and just let go to fend for themselves. I think that is already happening. It's very sad 😥
  15. Nash

    Mary Knobbins

    Yes and my husband. My tort started weighing too much for me so my husband is there when I need him. It was soak day. My tort turned 6 years in Sept. I was one of those that didn't know any better. I live in a small town, my son had just flown the coup, my husband and I were out for a ride...
  16. Nash

    Mary Knobbins

    Listening and watching, yes. I have asked a few questions and got great answers. I don't have much to offer, so it was best to read and learn as I went on.
  17. Nash

    Mary Knobbins

    I was thinking maybe she was trying to find a mate. I have a lot to learn. But you all are teaching me!
  18. Nash

    Mary Knobbins

    Maybe that's why she is acting "onry".
  19. Nash

    Mary Knobbins

    Maggie, do female tortoises go into "heat" like mammals do? I hope my question doesn't scandalize anyone.