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  1. Quadro

    Bondo, James Bondo - RIP

    Sorry about this 😞 RIP Bondo
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    A dominate little tort, is reacting to everything & others an indication?

    I also have redfoots that are roughly 4 mth old and they are kept in a plastic tub to hold humidity and heat is around 75/80 and they exhibit bullying I have one that will lay over the food when I feed so they will be moved soon .
  3. Quadro

    6 month old tort motionless

    Don’t give up hang in there I am truly sorry that the pet store did not explain stuff to you as a pet store employee myself soon as I found this site I literally print all out care sheets from here for the animals on here that we sell . We all make mistakes and as sad as it is at the animals we...
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    Happy Birthday, Toddrick!!!

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    Enclosure upgrades

    Thank you I will thanks for replying. They do have a night box already with a RHP and thermostat but I was wanting to know thoughts about completely enclosing my enclosure with the polycarbonate roof sheeting to see if I would get a couple more mths for them to be outside I guess I’m trying to...
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    Enclosure upgrades

    Okay so I’m not liking this cold weather and I’m very sure my torts do not either I bring them in the house when it gets below certain temps but I was thinking about my outside enclosure which is 20ft x30 ft roughly and they have a radiant heat panel in there house and thermostat but I still...
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    Is this plant safe ?

    Awesome thank you !
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    Is this plant safe ?

    So I was ordering a plant for torts to eat not until next year it was for my zone and said it’s a Minerva Rose of Sharon Althea Shrub Hibiscus syriacus 'Minerva will this be okay ?
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    Fast growing trees .com

    I’m sorry you had a terrible experience with them . So far mine has been a positive one I bought two mulberry trees and they’ve grown at least 5 or more inches and my banana trees have grown at least 3 new leaves on each tree . I guess I just got lucky 🤷‍♀️
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    Leaves and flowers.

    I bought my ever bearing mulberry tree on max height 10-15 ft I won’t feed anything off of it until next year though only feed the new growth .
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    Shell swinging behavior

    Mine does the same thing killed the hibiscus bush with his butt scratching lol
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    RHP advice

    Okay thank you for the reply I’ll check them out 😊 would a zoo Med thermostat be okay to run one on or do I need a certain one ?
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    RHP advice

    I’m in the same position right now wanting to get a RHP but very confused because I’ve been looking at several places that sell them and someone that was interested asked the seller what watt for their outside enclosure and they told them they don’t recommend them for outside so hopefully...
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    Found this little guy in our garage- help?

    I agree looks same to me
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    Found this little guy in our garage- help?

    Yep cute little fellow I’d say yellow slider it’s native species so releasing it is a better option but if it has red ears I wouldn’t release it I know here those are not a native species we get people all the time in the pet store wanting them until i tell them what all they need and how...
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    Emo Tortoise?

    I just want to say I wouldn’t want anything sugar coated I adopted my torts out of one situation wanting them to be in an entirely different and better situation . I can’t fix the pyramiding on my one adult but I’m doing what is better for them now all because of all people who care on here . If...
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    Fast growing trees .com ?
  18. Quadro

    Fast growing trees .com

    That’s good to know I may order the mulberry tree for my tortoises then see how it does but I’ll wait and see . I also seen the ice cream banana tree I’d like to try and I believe torts can eat banana leaves as well .
  19. Quadro

    Fast growing trees .com

    I was just wondering has any one ordered from fast growing before ? I seen that they have mulberry trees that I can plant and my torts can eat from them . The reviews seem decent and they are in SC .