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  1. awesomecs

    What plant is this and can my steppe tortoise eat it

    I just wanted to identify this plant and see if it's good for my horsefield tortoise to eat
  2. awesomecs

    Is this too small for a russain tortoise

    The 2nd one is her current enclosure, and I'm planning of upgrading but idk if the 1st one is a upgrade or a downgrade, and I also need help on what tubs u could get that's bigger then the pool she's currently in
  3. awesomecs

    Is this shell rot or growth lines

    I'm worried if my poor tortoise has shell rot
  4. awesomecs


    guys I need help, I have been feeding my Russain tort and she dosent look happy with the food a groccery stores, so I need something I can grow in winter that they can eat and grows fairly quickly pls respond, btw I fed her mostly weeds and cacti before during spring/summer/early fall
  5. awesomecs

    Is My Tortoise Enclosure good?

    My tort is healthy and active, but I don't know if the enclosure is good or not? can you guys help another Russian tort keeper
  6. awesomecs

    tortoise garden plans

    hey I want to make a garden for my tortoise and since it almost spring I need to know what plants are the best to grow in Delaware county and also what plants I can plant in my torts enclosure. also I found a vid on how to train a tortoise is it a hoax. cause I know they do body language but can...
  7. awesomecs

    best place to buy russain tortose things

    whats the best place to get russain tortoise stuff in general
  8. awesomecs

    Is my Russian big enough to breed?

    how old is she I would like breed her only for one day then be separated for 2 years since they an hold sperm for a long time
  9. awesomecs

    heeeelllllllppppp my tortoise is losing weight and is not eating

    so when I first got tory she was kind of active then when I moved her to her new cage she was always active then a couple mounth back I moved her to a better cage she kind of it still active since it was circle she would do laps around the cage but now that it got cold and I gave her a big...
  10. awesomecs

    trying to hibernate?

    yeah nothing to do with this but..... HELP my Russian is trying to hibernate when its too hot excavate but Its November and she is doing all the stages but when I turn her light out she hibernates she is passed 150 watts on the bulb
  11. awesomecs

    LITTLE BUGS in enclosure(white plant eating really tiny)

    the intro says it all I have a really hot light is that it?
  12. awesomecs

    is she sick?

    my russain that I had for about a year had just blew a bubble from her noise I had no idea hat it means but I think it bad someone help
  13. awesomecs

    will I need another lamp?

    YEAH TORTOISE I'm getting a male for Christmas and they will be in different enclosures and let them in each others cage for 30 minutes a day to breed and after that they will get separated and now I know what to do for the babies oh and by the way what do I do with the eggs ???????? do I buy...
  14. awesomecs

    Be careful what you ask for - Help Me!

    please help me I am not definatly getting a new tortoise for Christmas..... I DONT WANT THEM TO FIGHT OR MATE TOO MUCH WHAT DO I DO its no were near Christmas but I'm making sure I'm prepared so please help me thank you
  15. awesomecs


    so I think this is a American toad I'm not planning on keeping it I dint even touch it I left it alone and started recording AND I GOT DIS AMAZING FOTAGE!!!! the toads are more common since the mushrooms the filed crickets eat our out and there hundreds of crickets running around p.s is this...
  16. awesomecs

    to dice or not to dice

    should I feed my tortoises food diced or should I feed it to her not diced I've seen people feed them both ways but what is better hence the title to dice or not to dice please responded thanks
  17. awesomecs

    dose anyone think growing and selling cactus pads here are a good idea

    I was thinking about selling cactus pads on eBay and advertising them here I saw there prices and there not that great so I decided to at least try to sell some cactus pads here to earn some money for a better heat lamp the energy is getting lower =[ nd winter coming AAAAH so I really need to...
  18. awesomecs

    aah just going on ebay then i type prickly pear easy right? not so much

    as the title says I'm confused people on the forums told me to try getting pads at eBay and that the prickly pear fruit in the picture was the same as mine well that was kind of rong there are thousands of prickly pear from what I heard there's huge one ponders and others ... WHAT ONE SHOULD I...
  19. awesomecs

    mint+russain tortoise=?

    I have a lot of mint in my backyard and I was wondering can I give the mint to my tory I don't want her to be sick or anything its just she's picky so I feed her things I know is safe for her to see if she likes it
  20. awesomecs

    hey im new ok sorta new

    I logged on this Sunday and I've made a lot of post but never introduced myself hi I have one Russian tortoise named tory I'm fairly certain she's a female she has all the female qualities anyway I joined here to know more about tortoises I've been studying tortoises for about 2 years and I got...