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    Kleinmanni care sheet/info

    A woman in one of the FB groups I’m in posted a really nice write up. I wanted to share it. It is very informative. It’s a pretty recent...
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    radiata hatchlings in illinois

    Looking for info about Radiata breeders in Illinois
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    Decapitated tortoise

    Imagine being able to do this with your head. My tortoises always look like horror shows under a basking light. Sometimes the only thing missing is blood!
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    solarmeter best use

    Im trying to dial in my UVB levels under Arcadia 12% t5 HO. My substrate is oyster shell and is only 1 inch deep(Testudo Kleinmanni). Since the solarmeter 6.5r is 4 inches tall, I cant sink it down far enough into the substrate to give me a reading at the substrate level. I tried to take a...
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    Which Sedum for Egyptians?

    Ive read that Sedum is a good food source for Egyptians. Will any sedum work? I know they like the Burrows Tail. I dont have that in my yard. But i have other Sedum. Any advice?
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    Egyptian tortoise Looking to trade Male for a female

    I have a male Egyptian tortoise that I would like to trade for a female.
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    Looking for female testudo Kleinmanni

    I have 2 male kleinmanni that will be 3 years old in April. I am looking for a female. Anyone interested in a trade? Or looking to sell a female?
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    Please sex my two tortoises

    im having trouble telling which sex i have. How can you guys tell? I have 2 egyptians. They will be 3years old in April. They both have big tails. I was told it was too early to know even tho they both have big tails. I need some hel[p because i am trying to get eggs!
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    Is this squash safe to feed?

    This is called Cucuzza.... it’s a Sicilian summer squash. Does anyone know if the leaves or flowers are safe to feed?
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    Enclosure landscaping thread

    Hey friends If you would like, post pics of how you have landscaped your enclosures. I think this would be a good thread to start so that people can get good ideas for their enclosures. Maybe even learn some husbandry stuff in the mean time. My setup...
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    Soaking temp

    One thing I have found is that if I soak my Kleinmanni at 95-97 degree they tend to be lazy all day long. When I lower the soak temp to 80-85, they seem to be more active that day. I will be paying attention to soak temps and daily activity going forward. Does anyone have experience with this?
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    Testudo Kleinmanni overnight temps

    Hello What is an ideal overnight temp for Kleinmanni hatchlings vs adults? My overnight humidity level runs anywhere from 70-75%. And, my current overnight low is 70 degrees.
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    Testudo Kleinmanni

    I just finished building an enclosed vivarium for a hatchling T Kleinmanni - I’ve read many many articles and talked to breeders. But, I’ve got questions still and I’m sure other first time keepers would want to know too. Any advice is appreciated: 1) In an enclosed Vivarium for hatchlings...
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    DIY Humid hides

    Hi folks I decided to DIY my own kind of humid hide. Maybe it’s been done by others before. I haven’t seen it before so I wanted to share it in case it can help others. This is a clay pot that I Dremeled in half. Then I siliconed the clay saucer to the top and cut out an entrance. You don’t...
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    Borage plant?

    Is the borage plant safe to feed to an Egyptian tortoise or any tortoise for that matter?
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    Oyster shell, decomposed granite, orchid bark

    Oyster shell, decomposed granite, orchid bark are 3 of the most common recommended substrates for Egyptian torts. I’ve read different combinations of these 3 that keepers here use. I can’t decide which way to go. Is there an advantage to using DG over oyster shell? Should I mix in 25% orchid...
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    Kleinmanni tortoise table

    What substrate do most people use ?
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    Testudo Kleinmanni book?

    Hello friends, I'm Sal. I'm new here and I will be receiving a hatchling kleinmanni late Apr/early May. In the meantime, I am wondering if anyone knows of a good book on captive husbandry of Egyptian tortoises. I know the basics about the species but, I want to get optimal about caring for...