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    Wannabe caretaker. Are River Birches OK near my tortoises?

    The law that @Toddrickfl1 mention is discussed in this thread: but the tl:dr of it is that it is illegal to move a DT out of it's native state.
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    Help with lethargic tortoise

    I strongly suggest reading over the care-sheet for temperate species such as yours: If you follow the guide, I'm sure your lil guy will perk right back up
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    Help with lethargic tortoise

    Please provide the following information: Species: Temps of the enclosure: Humidity levels: Lighting setup: Diet: How often are you soaking: Glass filters out a lot of the UV rays so while it will help warm the tort up, it won't get the UVB needed. Also having an open top tort table isn't...
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    Kenan Red Foots!

    You may have to build two enclosures as torts, regardless of species, shouldn't be kept in pairs. I realize RFs can be kept in groups but the minimum size would be 3 and it would need to be a mff combo. Also as humid as San Antonio may get at times, RFs are a tropical species and need a...
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    Would be best if you attach a picture of it
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    That might just be the most important job out of all of them XD
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    Ooo I used to play Offensive tackle back in high school, I can block while yall get the job done ;)
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    Actually this is one of the few species that can handle sugary fruit in moderation. I believe the caresheet I posted says you can give them a piece of sugary fruit once a day thats about the size of the tort's head.
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    Give this caresheet a read, it'll give you an idea of what kind of food you can give RFs. Can you show us some pictures of the enclosure and tort? Also what are your temps and humidity levels in the enclosure?
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    Reputable breeders/ Is this the species for me?

    Welcome to fhe forums! The two species you'll probably get the most recommendations for are Hermanns and Russians as both are relatively small as well as relatively hardy animals. Regardless of which one go with I highly recommend reading the care guide here...
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    My girl won't eat

    About how old is she and has there been any changes to the enclosure? Pictures of her and the enclosure may give the others an idea of what might be going on. Also the temps of the enclosure and what kind of lights/uvb you've got :) Welcome to the forums!
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    Building the baby cheery enlcosure

    Here is one of the more detailed caresheets for Redfoots: Redfoot Care Sheet(hopefully final draft) | Tortoise Forum
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    Tort Enclosures, Ventilation vs. Humidity

    You'd be better off putting the redfoots in a closed enclosure, not only for the humidity but temp as well as that species requires an ambient temp of 80+. That'll be much easier to maintain with a closed enclosure vs heating the entire room to that point. How old are the Sulcatas and Russian?
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    Tort Enclosures, Ventilation vs. Humidity

    I think it really depends on what species of tort you have, something like a Redfoot/Cherryhead/Yellowfoot require a much higher level of humidity then something like a Russian or Hermanns. So for the tropical species a closed enclosure is better just for ease of getting the humidity levels...
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    Is Rémy a girl?

    Still to young to tell, probably wont be sure for another 4yrs or so
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    Flies in enclosure

    I wonder if the tort wouldn't munch on a Venus flytrap if kept out of reach, may help with pest control. I guess it would depend on what kind of enclosure the tort is in though
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    How to keep humidity up in tortoise table?

    @KarenSoCal linked this one, another option for ya thats relatively inexpensive : Quictent Waterproof UV Protected Reinforced Mini Cloche Greenhouse 95" WX 36" D X 36" / 71" WX 36" D X 36" H Portable Green Hot House- 50 Pcs T-Type Plant Tags Include (71" X 36" X 36") : Free Standing...
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    Any change in the situation? Hoping it turns in your favor!!
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    New to tortoise keeping

    Welcome to the forums! I highly suggest reading this post to give the best care for you upcoming Russian: The Best Way To Raise Any Temperate Species Of Tortoise | Tortoise Forum It's been said a lot on these forums that the Mercury Vapor Bulbs (MVBs) should be avoided as they can dry a tort...
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    How to keep humidity up in tortoise table?

    I think it depends on how handy you are, you could replace the wire section with some sort of plexiglass material with holes cut out for the light fixtures. I suppose you could also take the top off and position a horse over the table with a shower curtain-type material draped over it with the...