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    Turtle Survival Alliance HQ suffers fire damage.
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    Wanda Patterson is selling a P.pardalis.

    Just sharing in case someone here is interested. Not trying to start a debate about species / subspecies / clade. Sorry if the link doesn't work. It's on
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    Pitre's Pardalis, Sulcatas, & more

    Great experience with obtaining a Leopard hatchling. Well-started with visible growth. She eats anything I offer and is less fearful than other Leopards I've met. The best part, besides the healthy tortoise, was the ease of communication. Even if I was asking annoying questions (which I...
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    Who bought Riparian Farm's South African Leopards?

    I saw on RF's site that their Ivories were sold to Ballands. Anyone know who got the PP's?
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    Captive Gophers

    I take care of 1.1.1 Gopher Tortoises at work. (yes, legally) Attached is a photo of Lolita, a real beauty with lots of yellow coloring. Photo credit: Edi Arangies. I have tried feeding them native leaves and grasses since this is their homerange, but the adults rarely touch it. We still offer...
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    Wild Gophers

    We have a population of wild Gopher Tortoises that live within the borders of my workplace. One large male (Gonzo) has several burrows along a cart trail. Today, my coworker caught him interacting with a visitor. Shared with permission.
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    Questions about PP founders and breeders.

    It seems like several PP breeders (esp. Will, Tom, diamondbp) here are very knowledgable about their animals' lineages. I've been reading various posts and am trying to piece together the info. Are there 3 main founder groups? How do you all choose which F1 to breed? Do you cooperate with each...
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    Rodriguez Chelonians

    After researching breeders for weeks, I began following a handful of chosen on social media and their websites. RC posted a couple of PP Leopards that were available, and after a few messages and additional photos sent by the breeder, I paid via PayPal F&F. Paying that way can be risky, but RC...
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    Introducing my first tortoise! PEC

    PEC: Princess Earth Crystal <3 My son and I had a long conversation and eventually agreed upon this rather epic name. Breeder: Rodriguez Chelonians Subspecies: P. pardalis Hatched: Feb. 2018 Mother: Bluebelle Weight on July 20: 105g Incubated for female. First impression: She is absolutely...
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    3 pancakes. Am I doing this right?

    I've been taking care of 3 Pancake tortoises for about 7 years now. Two are 9yrs old (#68 and #53) and the largest is 14 (Stanley). After viewing posts on this forum, I believe they are all males. I'll include pics for confirmation (Stanley also has slit opening near tail tip but was difficult...
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    Zookeeper and 1st-time homeowner, my GA yard needs a purpose

    Until 2016, I rented and never felt stable enough to take on the responsibility of a tortoise at home. Two years later, I'm settled and have finally managed to get all the toxic ornamental trees and shrubs from my yard. I've been researching about different indoor/outdoor tortoise enclosures...