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  1. Jdaniel

    How to stop George from trying to hibernate?

    Hello, again, everyone and merry Christmas. I Do not think George has enough weight to successfully hibernate, so I have increased the lights on time in an attempt to stop it, but he won’t stop trying to hibernate. He keeps burying himself for days at a time. He eats fairly well when he’s...
  2. Jdaniel

    Study shows some types of clover in hot climates produce cyanide

    Was looking at various other sites to see what was safe (or not) to feed my box turtle and found this article.
  3. Jdaniel

    Hello, everyone, my name is Jeremy, and this is "George"

    His name is tentative, because I am not 100% sure of gender. Pretty sure that he is a gulf coast box turtle. I nearly hit him and two others with the lawnmower a few weeks ago. Local regulations say that I can only have one as a pet, so I decided to keep the smallest one. I will be building...
  4. Jdaniel

    Light too strong?

    Hello, everyone. Based on what I found online, and the pet stores advice, I recently upgraded the lighting for my baby box turtle. Original was the zilla mini heat and uvb fixture with the mini 6watt desert bulb. (Stated 10-15 millowatts at 12") Everything I read online indicated this was...