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  1. haydog_99

    Max isn't pooping

    My leapord is now about 15 months and all the sudden he stopped pooping. He was pooping every other day and now it's been 5 days without a poop, I also noticed his weight has stayed steady for about a week, when he usually averages about 6 grams a week. His enclosure temps are Daytime: 83 on...
  2. haydog_99


    I've seen a lot of people posting pics of their tortoises passing urates. I have had my Leopard since the middle of February and haven't seen him pass urates, is that a problem? Thanks.
  3. haydog_99

    UV lights

    I am looking for a new UV bulb to replace my MVB bulb. I have a large enclosure that is two feet high and I currently have a fluorescent tube bulb mounted to the top for light and a MVB for heat and UV. I've been looking at the Arcadia UV lights and according to their site a T5 bulb should be...
  4. haydog_99

    How much UV is enough?

    I’ve read in these forums a few times that if a tortoise gets outside enough a UV light in the enclosure isn’t necessary. My UV light needs to be replaced and I’d rather wait until the temps cool. I take my yearling Leopard outside for about 30 minutes a day, is that enough UV exposure for...
  5. haydog_99

    Leopard not eating much

    My leopard had a minor respiratory infection and has been on antibiotics for for a little over a week and he seems to be doing great but he isn't eating much. He looks very healthy and is very active but just picks at his food, unless it is Mazuri day, he always eats his Mazuri mixed with grass...
  6. haydog_99

    Max the Leopard.

    New thread to track Max’s adventures. He thinks he’s a climber, up and over his log.
  7. haydog_99

    Maximum Daytime enclosure temps.

    My new enclosure is running pretty hot so I figured I’d see what the experts say. The temperature on the hot side of my enclosure has been as high as 88 with the cool side around 81-82. I’ve been keeping the temp down to 86 on the hot side while maintaining enough humidity, is that too hot...
  8. haydog_99

    Respiratory infection help!

    Yvonne, I just swithced to a humid enclosed enclosure and the humidity at night is running around 84% and I am challenged to keep the heat up around 80 with my current heating element, the enclosure is just too big. I am bought a 100 watt red bulb and it got the temp up to 80 without a problem...
  9. haydog_99

    My experience over the past few months of buying a new Tortoise.

    I just got a new tortoise back in February and thought I would share what I learned throughout the process. Buying your new tortoise: I looked the internet and thought I did a good amount of research before buying my tortoise, and still purchased from a site I wish I wouldn't have. I suggest...
  10. haydog_99

    Will someone with a leopard tortosie with no pyramiding post a picture?

    If you have a leopard tortoise that is a year or more older with no pyramiding will you please post a picture? I'd like to compare to my yearling. Thanks in advance
  11. haydog_99

    Wild grass to feed my Lepoard tortoise?

    I have a field across the street from my house that has wild grass in the spring. The field is not sprayed or maintained in any way. Here are some pictures of the field and close up of the grass, the grass blades are very thin. Is it safe to cut this grass and feed it to my tortoise? Thanks...
  12. haydog_99

    Is my tortoise sleeping too much

    I have a new leopard tortoise (Max), two weeks now, and he seems to be sleeping quite a bit. He is in a tortoise table with a cool side that is around 75 F and a warm side in the 80's with a basking rock that runs in the mid 90's. His schedule is pretty much: Wake at 7:00am - bath 7:15 -...
  13. haydog_99

    UVB lights

    I have a 10 month old leapord tortoise and I have him in a Zoomed tortoise table. Originally, I put a 80watt Power sun heat/UVB light over his basking spot and it limited the light in the enclosure. I felt the only time he was getting good UVB light was when he was on the side of the table...
  14. haydog_99

    New Leopard Tortoise

    I just received my first tortoise, a 10 month old leopard tortoise. He was pretty stressed when he arrived last Wednesday so he really didn't do anything but hide until Thursday. On Thursday he nibbled on some mixed greens and started to eat better after that. I have been giving him a bath...