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  1. Lori lawson

    Looking for a good home for my sulcata

    i have a 194 g healthy sulcata that needs a good home. Must show proof of appropriate supplies and equipment. Approx 10 months old. Reply to [email protected] about 3 1/2 in
  2. Lori lawson

    Bad day for baby.

    Omg. Is this The Tom I keep reading about? Please help me. If my enclosure is an open aquarium and flooring is zoomed forest floor. I have a dual dome with two uvb lights. The other is a single 100 watt heat emitter. What is the best way to measure temp and humidity and at what level in...
  3. Lori lawson

    He told me to buy two...

    The guy I got them from told me it's good to get two!!! He had a bunch of them in one enclosure.
  4. Lori lawson

    new to site

    howdo I get questions answered on this site? Need help with baby sulcata. My baby won't eat. Have zoomed flooring. Feed romaine mazuritort diet and rye grass. Was eating first 3days but hasn't eaten x 2 days now