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  1. Cheryl Hills

    Sulcata Babies

    I remember back in November 2018, my baby sulcatas coming in. Well, look at them now! 521 grams and 349 grams for the other two! They have been in a closed chamber, humidity at 80 or above. I think the little pyramiding is from the unusual scoots they have because it only seems to be in...
  2. Cheryl Hills

    Red Eared Slider

    Ok, I am trying to build an outdoors pond and enclosure for my red eared slider. I am planing on a 8 by 16 foot area with the pond in this. Will a water turtle try to dig out of the Enclosure? Do I have to bury my fencing? It is actually for two water turtles, one red eared and one cooter at...
  3. Cheryl Hills

    New Turtle enclosure

    Building a pond for the water turtles. It sure is a dirty job, specially with all the rain! My dang red eared slider bit me yesterday. What a surprise that was. She needs more room. So here it is.
  4. Cheryl Hills

    Adventures of Little Bit of Nothing!

    The things you see when sitting in a tortoise pen! Don’t worry, I am outside with them. Dogs are Never Alone with my torts!
  5. Cheryl Hills


    Well, I think my Spur has decided he is mature enough now. Little Bit just keeps on eating! I think she is a little bit Big for him!
  6. Cheryl Hills

    Red eared slider

    Here is my latest rescue. Red eared slider. She is a good size and looks really healthy. One question, what do they eat . I have pellets but, what else?
  7. Cheryl Hills

    What is this

    My PlantSnap program says it is Dames Rocket. Anyone know for sure and can I feed it to my torts.
  8. Cheryl Hills

    Dehydrating Flowers

    So, I have started dehydrating flowers and weeds. Trying to put away food for the winter. I have started with wild violets, dandelions, and some apple blossoms. Anyone know if they will hold up till winter?
  9. Cheryl Hills

    What sex?

    This Is Spur, I think it is a male? Just a picture of LittleBit soaking. She was splashing water up on herself. Yes, she is a girl, I was told. This is mini. I think it is a female. Here are the two torts I am trying to figure out there sex. Any help will do!
  10. Cheryl Hills

    Plant Id

    Well, I have a couple plants I need verification on.
  11. Cheryl Hills

    Heated Shed

    Here is the shed I am using to make the sulcatas there home outside.
  12. Cheryl Hills

    Grass seeds

    Can anyone tell me what types of grass seeds are good for Sulcata tortoises? There are so many different ones and I don’t want to get something that will harm them
  13. Cheryl Hills

    What is it?

    Anyone know what this is?
  14. Cheryl Hills

    My torts

    Well, yesterday I got my bigger sulcatas outside for a little while. It was in the 56 degree range so could not leave them out too long.
  15. Cheryl Hills


    Well, here she is. Such a beautiful and well cared for tortoise. Her name is being kept the same, except added to. A Littlebit of nothing but a whole lot of something! Well, Littlebit for short! She is huge, 50lbs.
  16. Cheryl Hills

    Tortoise rescue

    Hi folks, I am looking for some equipment to help get my rescue going. If you have anything you would like to donate, it would be a big help. RPH, Cain mats, lights, ect. Anything would help at this point. This is just the beginning stages of my rescue.
  17. Cheryl Hills

    Canister filter

    Anybody out there have s used (or new) external canister filter of a 150 gal aquarium, they would like to donate to my new rescue, I would sure appreciate it.
  18. Cheryl Hills

    Male or female

    I have two Salcatas I am trying to sex First one in mini, she is 9 lb and 12 inches caprice Second one is Spur, he is 10 lb and 121/2 inches Any ideas or guesses?
  19. Cheryl Hills


    Ok, why was my post deleted, according to the site description, it says, personal projects, ect. can use this forum to promote their own projects: causes, websites, businesses or other endeavors
  20. Cheryl Hills

    What type of turtle is this

    Well, I guess my rescue has just opened. I was just given this turtle. I think it is a yellow belly slider. Any help here? He is very cold at the moment. I have to setup a tank, well, I already have tanks, just need to figure out what I need with him.