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  1. dmmj


    The thoughtful nurse A police officer goes in for emergency surgery for appendicitis. The surgery goes well and the officer is sitting in his room recovering but he's keeps feeling something tugging on his chest and it hurts. Did he have a second operation that no one told him about? He pulls...
  2. dmmj

    Please I.D. this hat

    So last year before Christmas someone at dialysis gave me this hat I say someone because I was asleep when I woke up it was sitting on my lap. I love this hat, I lost his hat I want to get a new one off Amazon if anyone knows what this hat is called please let me know thank you. ( please ignore...
  3. dmmj

    Greeting cards

    not a typo I would like to buy some greeting cards. Specifically a christmas card & a valentines card may ask why it's none of your business but I will tell you anyways alright I recently sent 2 care packages to my girlfriend in the Philippines lots of stuff inside, lots of stuff...
  4. dmmj

    Dandelion seeds 100% organic ( price reduced)

    Dandelion seeds 100% organic no pesticides no fertilizer grown from my own stock. $5 will get you a deadline head full of seeds. I accept Paypal of course, PM me for my PayPal address. Now this is not Amazon so your orders will not go out until Thursday, sorry but with me being sick (dialysis)...
  5. dmmj

    attention California tortoise owners

    I don't know if you been paying attention to the news but this winter supposed to be warmer than usual so as the months go by if you're hibernating your tortoise you're going to have to give a pretty good eye on it
  6. dmmj

    looking for a particular website about credit card rewards

    a while back I had seen a story about credit card reward programs and certain sites that allows you to play the system so to speak and get lots and lots of rewards for little or no money. Does anybody know which website that was? did you see the same story or do you know the website?
  7. dmmj

    sausage party anyone?

    anyone going to go see it? I saw the previews on YouTube I have not laughed that hard in a very long time but it's beyond vulgar. F-bombs everywhere every other word. They're being vulgar just to be vulgar.
  8. dmmj

    attention Filipino members I need some help please

    okay so long story short I have a girlfriend in the Philippines we've been long distance dating for 2 years. I lost contact with her about a week ago there was a big fire in paranaque where she lives. I'm very worried. if anybody in the Philippines lives in paranaque or knows people from there...
  9. dmmj

    100% organic grape leaves for sale

    100% organic grape leaves for sale. It's that time of year again and my grape plant is loaded with big juicy leaves. Tortoises love them and they are good food for them and mine are 100% organic. I fill a 10 by 13 envelope full of grape leaves and Ship by first class on Tuesdays only to your...
  10. dmmj

    Nerds and geeks rejoice

    so after the Dismal failure of Batman vs. Superman anyone excited about Captain America Civil War? I am waiting eagerly for this one.
  11. dmmj

    who's playing Powerball tonight?

    I am, one ticket the news just said 900 million dollars that's a lot of money even if you don't play buy one ticket what can it hurt?
  12. dmmj

    you just won the Powerball what would you do?

    you're the sole winner of the 450 million dollar Powerball, what do you do?
  13. dmmj

    I need help locating something

    I need help locating a monkey cop statue.let me explain my mom when she was younger bought her dad a monkey cups statue because he was one a cop, not a monkey (smartass).it's a monkey dressed as a cop with a motorcycle, now before anyone ask I've already checked eBay and Amazon multiple times...
  14. dmmj

    anyone excited for Independence Day resurgence?

    anyone? I loved the first movie great action pretty darn good story best presidential speech ever. I saw this movie 3 times in the theater every time I saw it when the president gave that speech the crowd erupted into cheers it was amazing to see and hear. I'm excited by the sequel seems pretty...
  15. dmmj

    grape leaves for sale

    I am once again selling grape leaves for turtle and tortoise consumption. I don't use any fertilizer or pesticides, just water & California sunshine oh and earthworms. I accept paypal friends and family only service I don't want to pay the 3% processing fee thank you. contact me for my PayPal...
  16. dmmj

    grape leaves on eBay

    I was looking on ebay earlier someone is selling grape leaves 100% organic for turtles and tortoises just in case anyone's curious
  17. dmmj

    favorite scary movie?

    so it's that time of year when various undead and fantasy creatures are milling about. so what's your favorite scary movie. most scary movies are junk and tripe not worth the celluloid that their filmed on. but I do like the Exorcist poltergeist and believe it or not paranormal activity 1 and...
  18. dmmj

    YouTube channels that make money

    select the title says. I know you can make money with YouTube. Does anyone here have a channel that actually makes money. I was thinking of starting one showcasing my humor on I understand it right now every millions views earns you like $2,500 somewhere around does...
  19. dmmj

    Talk Like a Pirate Day

    oMG it was Talk Like a Pirate Day all day long and never once did I shiver any bodystimbers I feel such shame...... Arrrfg
  20. dmmj

    does anyone Uber?

    so yeah does anyone do it? Either use the service or drive? I was thinking of doing it when I got my eyesight fix things interesting if you drive and you don't mind me asking how much do you make driving ?