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  1. HermanniChris

    Identification help

    Then they are Kinixys noguyei
  2. HermanniChris

    Identification help

    They are Kinixys and either belliana or noguyei it seems. How many claws on each front foot?
  3. HermanniChris

    What subspecies is my Greek?

    That is a Marginated Tortoise (Testudo marginata) without a doubt. If you take a look at the plastron you’ll see the indicative chevron (triangle) markings. As for claw count, ibera have 5.
  4. HermanniChris

    Some Results Spanning 5 Years

    The following photos show the results of tortoises being reared under the southern, coastal NJ sunshine and being subjected to all 4 seasons. These 3 western Hermann’s tortoises (Testudo hermanni hermanni) were all hatched here and represent 3 different ages from 3 different distinct locales...
  5. HermanniChris


    Testudo hermanni boettgeri, no doubt.
  6. HermanniChris

    Eastern Hermann's or Cross?

    That’s a hybrid folks, all the way. No question about it. A pure western Hermann’s is much, much different.
  7. HermanniChris

    Hermann's Subspecies?

    100% eastern Hermann’s (Testudo hermanni boettgeri) 👍🏻
  8. HermanniChris

    Herman Tortoise-Male or Female?

    T. graeca ibera and male 👍🏻
  9. HermanniChris

    Dig Box for 2 y/o Female?

    I don’t like to see any female (of really any species) produce eggs before the age of 8 but yes at around 5 you may want to make something available to her.
  10. HermanniChris

    Hello! & What Type of Tortoise Do I Have?

    Certainly is an eastern Hermann’s (Testudo hermanni boettgeri).
  11. HermanniChris

    New update on my non sexed Hermann’s I need help please!

    Definitely looking male and BOTH sexes have the horny tip on the tail. I cover this in the video I posted about sexing tortoises. It should have been made a sticky thread, not sure if it was.
  12. HermanniChris

    Having a hard time sexing my Hermann’s Tortoise

    Hi Grace, I got your message and your Hermann’s is looking to be a young male.
  13. HermanniChris

    Hermann subspecies

    Whoever sent you those pics must be a scammer, sadly. They sent you a pic of pure baby eastern Hermann’s and then adult pics of both hybrids and some pure western Hermann’s. Truly amazing. Might be time to make a new section on Hermanni Haven called, “How to Recognize Idiot Scammers” or...
  14. HermanniChris

    Male or female tortoises

    Definitely marokkensis
  15. HermanniChris

    New Tortoise Owner - I think they mislabeled the species!

    You got it and thanks for watching the videos!
  16. HermanniChris

    New Tortoise Owner - I think they mislabeled the species!

    You have an eastern Hermann’s tortoise, no question about it. This color scheme is way more common than many realize. you can see more like it on my site:
  17. HermanniChris

    Novice requires urgent help

    Not sure where we are with this because there a ton of replies but the animal is more than likely K. noguyei. If it has 4 claws on each front foot, that’s what it is.
  18. HermanniChris

    The Hermann’s Tortoises

    I know I’ve provided a lot of written information on this forum regarding the proper rearing, general husbandry/diet, breeding and identification of Hermann’s tortoises, but lately I’ve been spending more time on YouTube making videos that cover many things regarding turtles and tortoises...