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  1. HermanniChris

    Some Results Spanning 5 Years

    The following photos show the results of tortoises being reared under the southern, coastal NJ sunshine and being subjected to all 4 seasons. These 3 western Hermann’s tortoises (Testudo hermanni hermanni) were all hatched here and represent 3 different ages from 3 different distinct locales...
  2. HermanniChris

    The Hermann’s Tortoises

    I know I’ve provided a lot of written information on this forum regarding the proper rearing, general husbandry/diet, breeding and identification of Hermann’s tortoises, but lately I’ve been spending more time on YouTube making videos that cover many things regarding turtles and tortoises...
  3. HermanniChris

    Winter Feeding For Tortoises & Turtles

    Although our American species and most of our Mediterranean species spend the entire year outdoors here, regardless of age, the more exotic species do have to come inside for winter. This is often a difficult time to properly feed these animals, for many keepers. This quick video offers some...
  4. HermanniChris

    Turtles Under Ice!

    Watch and learn how turtles survive under ice in this quick video.
  5. HermanniChris

    Lumpy Tortoise Shells (Why?)

    Learn the cause of lumpy or pyramided shells in tortoises and how to prevent it.
  6. HermanniChris

    Seller Beware- Peter Chin

    In nearly 30 years of doing this, this is the very first time I’ve had to write something of this nature. I’ll keep it as brief as possible. Peter Chin contacted me to pair up his Hermann’s tortoise which was clearly a female based on the images he sent me. He wanted to breed her one day so I...
  7. HermanniChris

    Is My Tortoise Healthy?

    Take a few minutes to watch and learn about a few common ways to asses the health of your tortoise in episode 21.
  8. HermanniChris

    What sex is my tortoise?

    Learn how to sex several species in this episode:
  9. HermanniChris

    Turtles, Tortoises and Hibernation

    In this new episode take a look at turtles and tortoises in the act of hibernation (or more accurately, brumation) around our property. We even go underwater to see some that are actually active when temperatures are only in the 30s.
  10. HermanniChris

    Chinese Box Turtle Care Tips & Info

    Episode 18 covers the indoor and outdoor care of the Chinese Box turtle (Cuora flavomarginata).
  11. HermanniChris


    This video covers a pre-brumation check on Hermann’s tortoises as they prepare to disappear for winter. The use of a temp gun is also shown as the tortoises’ shells reveal some impressive temperatures even on a cool day.
  12. HermanniChris


    An in-depth look at the building process, guarding behavior & collection of eggs for artificial incubation of the Asian forest tortoise.
  13. HermanniChris


    What happens when tortoises and turtles hatch? When should they be removed from the incubator? How should they be set up? In this full episode, a lot of information is covered on the subject of reproducing these amazing animals. Learn about how to handle newly hatched babies and how to begin...
  14. HermanniChris


    How does a tortoise nest? When does a tortoise nest? How many eggs are laid? How long will they incubate for? Just how do you incubate them? All these questions and more are answered in this very video. Learn about the importance of having an appropriate outdoor enclosure, keeping tortoises in...
  15. HermanniChris


    “Episode 15: How to Raise Baby Box Turtles” is now up on our YouTube channel. This full length episode goes into detail about a method that actually produces excellent results. Box turtles have been notoriously difficult to raise throughout the history of herpetoculture and one reason for this...
  16. HermanniChris

    Naturalistic Outdoor Pancake Tortoise Keeping (video)

    This video demonstrates how to build an outdoor, naturalistic enclosure for pancake tortoises. The animals live outdoors here in southern coastal NJ from April or May until October or November depending on the particular year. Enjoy.
  17. HermanniChris

    Baby Tortoises & Turtles Hatching (Informational Video)

    As I continue on with full episodes regarding the husbandry, identification and breeding of turtles and tortoises including ones on habitat construction, I wanted to post the link to the newest one here. It’s that time of year again (hatching season) or many of us and it’s both exciting and even...
  18. HermanniChris

    Garden State Tortoise- Just In Time For The Holidays

    Garden State Tortoise Merchandise is NOW AVAILABLE. Use this link to view and shop our online store: Our logos (8 styles) feature 7 different iconic turtle and...
  19. HermanniChris


    As promised, I have completed the newest and most up-to-date care guide for Greek tortoises (Testudo graeca ssp). Special thanks to Yvonne for helping me properly post such a big article. The guide busts some common myths and misconceptions about tortoise keeping while going into detail about...
  20. HermanniChris

    Greek Tortoise Care Guide

    The Greek Tortoise Care Guide (Testudo graeca ssp) Chris Leone THIS CARE-SHEET IS DETAILED FOR A REASON. READ IT THOROUGHLY BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH OBTAINING A TORTOISE. Moroccan tortoise (Testudo graeca marokkensis) Introduction...