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  1. Anyfoot

    Thoughts please.

    When I use a closed system enclosure and keep topping up the water dishes that evaporate to create the humidity I require, The coir eventually gets too wet, this wet coir is cooler than the air temperature. So my torts either dig into the colder coir and risk getting RI or they don’t dig in and...
  2. Anyfoot

    White eyes.

    Need help guys. Never had this before. One of my baby redfoots can’t open its eyes. I’ve just given him a warm bath in carrot juice and now looks as if it’s eyelids are swelling. @Yvonne G
  3. Anyfoot


    If your squeamish don’t read this thread. This tortoise was 5 months old. SCL is 66mm Weight is 57g Carapace weight is 14g. I had one of my 5 month old babies die a couple days ago. Why it died I don’t know. The other 23 babies are thriving. I’ve noticed that they are all getting that...
  4. Anyfoot

    Opinions please

    This little guy is just about 5 months old now. You can see the growth pattern is just starting to change (that crevice). Is it normal? Is it the start of pyramiding? Why is it happening? Cheers. Craig.
  5. Anyfoot

    Egg with chip in it.

    These are the eggs I found whilst digging around a few weeks back. 2 on right are hatching as of today. The 3rd egg from right hand side looks to be hatching. However that egg has been in that exact same state for the last 10 days now. I thought it was pipping but nothing since. Anyone...
  6. Anyfoot

    Transporting tortoises.

    Hi all. Hoping for some advice off of the experienced breeders who have used couriers for transporting tortoises please. I’ve got 6 redfoots going out on Friday that will arrive down south(300miles) on Saturday morning. Torts are 5 to 6”SCL. What’s the best way to package them for...
  7. Anyfoot

    Setting up my vivarium.

    Bought this 3x6ft vivarium for my baby redfoots. It’s 2ft high. Comes flatpacked, very easy to assemble the 7 pieces. I’ve sealed all corners with caulk then put first coat of chlorinated rubber paint on. I’ll put second coat on tomorrow and let it air out for a wk. The paint isn’t cheap but a...
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    I think I have my first ever marbling tortoise. :) He’s 16 month old. Both Brazilian parents have zero marbling. Parents are small and dark. Looks like this little feller is going to follow suit with size. Hope so anyway. Be interesting to see how he develops.
  9. Anyfoot

    Redfoot neonate vivarium

    Just set up a small vivarium for the 5 babies I found in my enclosure. It’s only 18x36” so won’t last long(6months or so). I want to keep them in as controlled environment as possible. I’ve gone back to a set up that i think works. The viv is lined with a plastic sheet. 3” of moist coir...
  10. Anyfoot

    Shock of my life

    I’ve had the biggest shock of my life tonight. Just been into the tortoise house to do my usual check on them all before lights go out, and found 5 babies that have hatched out of the ground. All 5 have fully absorbed their egg sacks. They all weighed 25g each and look yo have a bit of growth...
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    Can anyone tell me what this is please. Is it edible.
  12. Anyfoot

    Redfoot photos.

    A few photos of our baby redfoots. 12 to 24 months old. Let’s see some photos please.
  13. Anyfoot

    Clutch of 9.

    This is a clutch of 9 from last August, So nearly 10 months old and weigh around 130g. Again, some are smooth and some have minor pyramiding going on. I wanted to slow growth down a bit so I changed the diet. These have been fed predominantly greens/weeds. Protein once a month in the form...
  14. Anyfoot

    The sun is here and guess what?

    All my redfoots want the shade :rolleyes:
  15. Anyfoot

    External hydration

    I have a silly hypothetical question that has been nagging at me for quite some time now. If we are so adamant that humidity plays a big role in smooth growth(at this point I do) Then in theory does that mean I could get a tortoise to only pyramid on selected scutes. Let’s say if I put...
  16. Anyfoot

    Name the fruit/veg

    Hi all Need some help please. There is a Lebanon fruit and veg shop near where we live. These are some of stuff they throw away every Friday. Can anyone name these items please.
  17. Anyfoot

    Repaired keratin injuries.

    Hi all Can we see photos of how keratin grows back after an injury please? I’m hoping that between the vast membership on this forum that we can gather some info. Before and after photos would be excellent if anyone has any. Thanks. Craig
  18. Anyfoot

    Aldabra at sea.

    Just came across this.
  19. Anyfoot

    Dog attack

    New member @Jazsolita just pm’d me by mistake instead of starting a thread with the following message. @Yvonne G. @Tom @JoesMum Yesterday about 6pm my dog broke through my tortoise in closure and attacked my 30yr old male. I found him upside down in a pool of blood. Thankfully he’s still...
  20. Anyfoot

    Worms and parasites

    How does a perfectly healthy tortoise end up with worms and parasites?