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    I like cats. I dislike cat owners. Please help

    There seems to be an unwritten rule that if you own a cat, its perfectly acceptable to let it free range the neighborhood, peeing and pooping anywhere but in the probably non existent litterbox at the owners residence. Since these same people would very likely be unhappy if I allowed my dog to...

    The dried leaf market is thriving

    I'm attempting to keep HORSESHOE CRAB ROACHES to feed to my growing Chameleon collection. They require OAK and MAPLE leaf litter. Florida does have Live Oak. But gathering up a clean bunch of them seemed unfeasible since those areas also contain many other types of vegetation. So I ordered some...


    Unfortunately, I can not recommend THE JUNGLE FLORIDA in Deerfield beach Florida. This establishment has both a large variety of animals and a very friendly owner. I had fully expected to like this place. Initially, I was sold a female VOHEMAR Chameleon as a male for $349 I spoke to the owner...

    REPTILE SYSTEMS T5 lamps sold by CHEWY.COM

    CHEWY.COM sells T5 light tubes and tubes with fixtures under the name REPTILE SYSTEMS. Does anyone have any experience with these?

    We should consider a UVB meter as mandatory

    In my opinion, we should suggest that every new keeper of tortoises or any other type of reptile needs to purchase a 6.5 or 6.5R UVB meter. There are so many types of UVB lights now. that we have to just guess where to mount them or which ones suit our needs best. I've seen the same MVB light...

    Humidifier that easily adapts for pets

    As you may know, I do not advocate using humidifiers for our tortoises. That's because creating a closed chamber enclosure eliminates the need and simplifies things. In this case, I'm using several of these to provide the near 100% humidity that my Chameleons require at night. While still living...

    MBD in a Chameleon

    This is my newest Chameleon. A 5.5 month old VOHEMAR Panther Chameleon. I just got him yesterday. He is showing what I believe to be the early onset signs of MBD. Notice the curving elbows and the mouth not fully closed. (Sometimes) He goes to see Dr. K (Kelleher) of T.V. fame at 10 this Friday...

    My newest reptile family member

    This is my new Chameleon. An Ambilobe Panther chameleon. Said to be (sold to me) as a male. But still about 3" long with the tail coiled up, so not many outward signs. Veiled and Jacksins chameleons are easy to sex when very small. Panthers are not. He also does NOT like having his photo taken...

    Successful heating in south Florida

    I just wanted to share a success story. It almost never gets into the 40s here. But last week it reached 46 degrees. I have two night houses attached to my primary Redfoot pen. Previously, they each had a single 50 watt CHE. Before that it was a single 50 watt black light bulb. Each was a step...

    Two similar looking lizards in the yard this week

    This is a hibiscus thieving Green Iguana. A herbivore. He got trapped in my tortoise tote. When small, they are safe to handle if you use caution

    18" T8 5.0 lights and fixtures FREE (Local)

    I have several older T8 18" 5.0 UVB light tubes and fixtures previously used in different closed chamber baby tortoise enclosures. T8 are not as powerful as the newer T5. And they are not effective at a distance of much more than 10". But they are what all hobbyists used for decades and are...

    OASE POND O VAC pond vacuum for sale

    "Classic" model. OASE is the premier company in pond cleaning. This is the self emptying model and is very easy to use. It's about 6 years old, but has been used exactly 3 times because of health issues. So still acts new. Complete and in its original box. Large. So I'm not shipping it. But if...

    Review of Ebay/ Amazon tactical flashlight.

    I'm mentioning these lights because of how surprised I am with the value. (Not something than non gun owners might be interested in.) They are very bright LED. Have remote switches are made of nice sturdy aluminum and come with either a picatinny mount or a clamp for a shot gun or other smooth...

    Rare, native Malachite Green butterflies

    This morning I was very happy to release two newly hatched Green Malachite butterflies into area code 33322. Some food plants do exist, but I have never, ever seen one in the wild here or anywhere else. They came from Butterfly World in Coconut Creek Florida

    What's the most money you wasted on the hobby?

    I'll start with these two: 1) Queen Bertha the Redfoot. She cost $300. I spent over $2,800 on vet bills. Including an operation. She was then re homed for $200. I think of it as a waste, because she was sold to me as a healthy tortoise. 2) Tortoise related BULBS. MVB lights and fixtures. Twin...

    FLEX SEAL uses for tortoise keeping

    FLEX SEAL has been mentioned in the past as a possible way to seal a wooden enclosure or to waterproof other structures. One of my cement tortoise pools has been lined and re lined with fiberglass resin. It lasts about a year and then delamination starts. So, this time I'm trying FLEX SEAL...

    Are certain tortoises prone to flip over?

    I've always assumed that the answer was no. The only flipping I'd ever encountered was from very energetic and inexperienced babies or from mating attempts gone wrong. But all of it was pretty rare. A few months ago, I was given two young Redfoot. The original keepers mentioned that I should pay...

    Real world UVB test done

    I've conducted a UVB test and the results have surprised me. I've included photos of what I tested and tested with... A very popular T5 HO (5.0) florescent fixture and a SOLARMETER 6.5R. When I first set up my Chameleons enclosures, the new lights put out a reading of almost 8.0 at the top...

    Cataract surgery?

    I had a laser eye procedure a while back and it accelerated the process of a cataract forming. The vision in that eye has become very clouded. I'm now slated for non laser cataract surgery in the eye on October 12th. Has anyone else done this? What should I expect? I've been watching YOUTUBE...