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    Redfoot- Nictitating Membrane healthy?

    Is the nictitating membrane in this picture showing signs of infection, or is this a sign of mild stress? Maybe it looks normal and I'm being paranoid. Within the past week or so, this tort has experienced an enclosure change and some varying temps as I dialed in the temperature in the...
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    Does this Red Foot look bloated?

    Hi all! I'm probably being paranoid, but I wanted to get some opinions about my Red Foot, Raph. I took him (her?) out for a soak the other day and thought that the area around the hind legs and anus looked a little bloated. My tort has not shown any signs of being lethargic and eats like a pig...
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    Need opinions on this RF Tortoise please. This is a tortoise I am considering buying-

    Hello everyone!! I'm from MN and new to the forum, but can already see that it has a wealth of knowledge provided by experienced members. As I search the forum for valuable info, I'm also hoping to get some opinions on a tortoise that I am considering buying. I recently met a RF tortoise at a...