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  1. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, "D"!!

    @Dbrocato2 We wish you all the best!
  2. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Ashley!!

    @AshleyFrench Enjoy your special day!
  3. Yvonne G

    Eric? Heather? One of them is having a birthday today!!!

    @Calaveras Hope you have a wonderful day!!!
  4. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, AbbyLee!!

    @AbbyLee22 Have a great day!
  5. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, 2turtletom!

    @2turtletom Enjoy your day!
  6. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Herman_WA!!

    @Herman_WA Have a great day!!
  7. Yvonne G

    Yea! It's Another Birthday!!

    @Canadian Mojo We wish you all the best on your special day!!
  8. Yvonne G

    Hey, Charmaine: Happy Birthday!!!

    @mainey34 Enjoy your special day!
  9. Yvonne G

    Whoo Hoo!!! Going across the pond for Linda's Birthday!!!!!

    @JoesMum Save us some cake and have a great day!!!
  10. Yvonne G

    Hey Bill: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    @zovick Enjoy your special day!!
  11. Yvonne G

    Gerber Carrot Baby Food Soaks

    This "trick" is only for turtles and tortoises that aren't eating and have swollen shut eyes. It's not a cure-all, and unless you fix the reason why the eyes swelled shut in the first place, they're just going to swell shut again after the soaks. Using a bowl with tall sides (so the animal...
  12. Yvonne G

    Hey, Domm - Happy Birthday!

    @Domm Have a great day!
  13. Yvonne G

    Space Heaters - Be Cautious!

    For the past few days I've been smelling a chemical-type odor in my entryway, right outside my bedroom door. I couldn't find where it was coming from. After I was finished with my outside chores, I came in and sat in my recliner to rest my back. I looked up at the doorway opposite and saw this...
  14. Yvonne G

    Yea! Mosin's 14 Today!!

    @Mosin We hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!
  15. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Blake!

    @BlakeL Enjoy your day!
  16. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Zoeclare!!

    @Zoeclare We wish you all the best!
  17. Yvonne G

    5.2 & a half Leopard Tortoises

    In my "Make Do Enclosure" thread I mentioned that I have two and a half female 'regular' leopard tortoises. This was my feeble attempt at making a joke out of this poor tortoise's life previous to coming to live with me. She's mature because the previous owner says she lays eggs, and I have no...
  18. Yvonne G

    Hey Stuart - Where ya been?

    @Stuart S. We hope you enjoy your special day up there in the cold, cold wasteland of Alaska!!!
  19. Yvonne G

    Hey, Loohan - Happy Birthday!!!

    @Loohan We hope you have a wonderful day!!
  20. Yvonne G

    A 'Make do' Type Enclosure

    My three amigos, Leonard - Chasen - and Zipper - Got too big for their indoor closed chamber so I moved them outside into the leopard shed, into a smaller area sectioned off from the big tortoises. Zipper lived peaceably with the other two in the house but when I moved them out to the...