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    Smelly pee maybe. Help please 🥺

    Torts are grazers. My tort gets breakfast and dinner but also his enclosure has grass growing, some pieces of cactus, little weeds he enjoys. So he can graze when he feels like it. However is I sleep in I can see him walking angry circles waiting for food to show up. We soak than we have morning...
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    🥰😍🥰 Seems to be doing well. Hope all is well.
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    Almost 400g. Today he didn’t fit into his bath box - upgrade 😂🤣
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    poisonous flowers and plants to be avoided in garden.

    Hi! Here is a link to a site many of us are using as a base on what plants are good for your tortoise. If you not sure about some specific plant or some sources say it’s ok some say it’s not you can ask here. Some members have an extensive experience and...
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    Comment by 'AgataP' in media 'H8.jpeg'

    Ah that was outside for few minutes when the sun popped out. We went to gather some food and I took him with me. Today Herbie enjoyed some clovers I planted for him.
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    Comment by 'AgataP' in media 'H8.jpeg'

    Thank you. Yes we are making sure his enclosure is perfect.
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    Herbie went all the way to Mars with all the digging- China was way too easy of a task .
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    Our Power is Out 😨

    Actually human body heat is one of the first advice for keeping little dudes and dudets warm. My baby sulcata loves to cuddle in my sweatshirt and goes to sleep. Yes no bra 🤣😂 and no panties 🤣😂 NO NO
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    Our Power is Out 😨

    Herbie loves to walk inside of my hoodie and fall asleep on my neck. We only do that after morning bath and I know the belly is “empty”. And to be honest I rather take a shower and wash everything than have a little tortoise be cold.
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    Herbie is doing great. 360g. Loves to dig, very curious. ❤️
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    Thank you ❤️
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    Comment by 'AgataP' in media 'H7.jpeg'

    Yes seems like Herbie is living that chill tortoise life. He does seem to be very content. Love watching him all covered in his “dirt”.
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    Comment by 'AgataP' in media 'H7.jpeg'

    Awww thank you. He seems so content.
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    Adding a male with a female

    Dont want to sound rude but why? I would recommend that you live with one sulcata for a while before even thinking about getting another one. Mine is only 182 grams at 5 months with a digging potential of a little submarine with explosives. I live in WA for now and we had some 70+ days in...
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    Conflicted on Vet Advice: Shell Biopsy

    When my Russian tort was found half melted into an asphalt he has some shell issues - I was a kid back then (8 or so) , vet had no clue about torts but what my mom and did, we took liquid vitamin D and E and rubbed some on the damaged shell- keep in mind there was no lights involved. The shell...
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    Tortoises at RV Parks in the US - Does anyone know how this happened?

    Many people get sulcatas when they are hatchlings because they are oh so cute. However they get less cute (to uneducated owners) as they grow. Many people take the approach of “Free Willy”. Instead of taking the responsibility of owning a huge tortoise they let them go. Sulcatas are also famous...
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    Air bubbles underneath the carapace?

    This looks waaaaaaaaay to small for your tortoise. Looks like the light is hanging very low. What is the temperature and humidity for your tort? I almost worry that his shell is getting “toasty” under the light. Your tortoise looks like a “good size” tortoise and the enclosure is good for ...
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    Hello! I love animal and this is 1st time i got Sulcata baby!

    Penutup terlalu kecil dan kelembapan terlalu rendah. Kura-kura terlihat tidak sehat. Anda perlu melakukan beberapa penyesuaian.
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    Happy New Year from Herbie!!!