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  1. Dlamonda


    hi everyone havent been here in awhile. My little guy is doing fantastic. Jams around his tank, eats like a little pig. Basks under his light. Just great seeing him do so good. Was so stressful when I first got him. Now food! So I was reading an article on food not safe, such as zuchini...
  2. Dlamonda


    I have an equation of Morton salt lite, baking soda. Or Gatorade? Is Gatorade safe for my Russian tort?
  3. Dlamonda

    Eyes not open for two weeks

    I am truly worried about my Russian tort. I acquired him a couple weeks ago . A rescue. I understand he is stressed. However, two weeks in now eyes have not opened, no water intake and no food. He has a clean habitat with clean water i bathe regular as we speak he is soaking. I offer all kinds...