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  1. Markw84

    Happy Holidays

    Although 2020 was a year to forget, one of the things I am greatful for and was extremely fantastic and memorable was the beginnings of a Galapagos Project. So here's a wish of a Happy Holiday season and much better 2020 for us all! This is one of the pure West Santa Cruz Island Giant...
  2. Markw84

    Temperature Sex Determination VIDEO- how this may relate to the Burmese Star TSD issues

    Today I was forwarded this video on a study of a discovered effect of epigentic influence and TSD in Red Eared Sliders. I found it very interesting and of great value. Here is the link to that short, 4 minute video: Here is my response after...
  3. Markw84

    How to build a tortoise pool

    I have been completely redoing my whole outdoor area where I kept my sulcatas, I have added lots and lots of plants since there is the ability to grow now without getting bulldozed over. Also some planters for sight barriers and more plants to cascade down into the area. One of the big...
  4. Markw84

    T5 UVI comparison Arcadia vs Sun Blaze fixture

    People often ask how high they should mount their UV bulbs. The problem is there are so many variables it is only solved by the use of a Solarmeter 6.5. They are somewhat pricey so many go without, However, advice then given may or may not be accurate at all. One variable is the type of fixture...
  5. Markw84

    Baby Burmese Stars are hatching

    My first clutch of the 2020 hatch season for my Burmese Stars has hatched! This never gets old. I love seeing baby tortoises hatching. Spending the last year doting over the babies from the 2019 season, it is amazing how tiny these guys are compared to 2019 hold-backs I have. The 2019 group...
  6. Markw84

    Egg sizes for a few tortoises...

    I hatched my first tortoise in 1982. It was a clutch of 3 G berlandieri. That was almost 38 years ago, but the delight of watching tortoises hatch is still the same today. Right now in my incubator I have some Sulcata eggs hatching as well as my first clutch of the season of Burmese Stars are...
  7. Markw84

    Bath Time Thoughts...

    I thought I would post a picture of bath time today for my baby tortoises I currently still have. We all talk about the importance of hydration, and the bath is a great way to help ensure daily exposure to a soaking to help moisturize the skin and shell. Another very important aspect to me of...
  8. Markw84

    why can't i upload pictures the past few days?

    I've seen other posts referencing trouble uploading pictures. I also cannot upload any. I have tried to respond to a few posts and wanted pictures to illustrate some experiments and results, but nothing is working. I try to upload as I always have, and when the progress bar is just about...
  9. Markw84

    What You Need To Know About Baby Tortoises

    We encounter this sooooo much that I will give the long version for those who wish to take the time to read... I firmly believe that most problems we have with baby tortoises are simply because we fail to provide the proper conditions for a baby tortoise to complete its development and become a...
  10. Markw84

    Will and I at the Sacramento show today

    We are showing at the Cal Expo reptile Show today Come on out if you are in the Area and see us. Love to meet more TFO folks from N Cal
  11. Markw84

    Mazuri or NutraZu?

    Mazuri is not available in the UK as "Mazuri" because that name is only for the U.S. You can buy the exact same product in the UK, sold as NutraZu Tortoise Diet: That is a repackaged portion. It does look like the right stuff but it doesn't have the NutraZu product number on it. But I...
  12. Markw84

    Burmese Star Babies - Well started.

    I am offering some of this year's Burmese Star babies for sale now. Geochelone platynota. One of the rarest tortoises in the world that now, with successful captive breeding programs is becoming more available with well established, captive raised babies. I always want to see them growing and...
  13. Markw84

    Best Tortoise Enclosure Yet!!

    Frustrated with the lack of any really good enclosure on the market currently, I decided to make a modest quantity of enclosures specifically designed for tortoises that will thrive in the "monsoon conditions" we find works so well for most young tortoises. I put everything I would want into...
  14. Markw84

    @will & I exhibiting at Pleasanton reptile show this weekend

    Starts in just a few minutes
  15. Markw84

    Baby Burmese Stars Growing Smooth.

    Spending over 5 decades trying to figure out pyramiding, it is such a pleasure now to see how smooth we can grow tortoises. Especially ones known for being more prone to pyramiding. I have spent countless hours watching baby tortoises grow and waiting for that tell-tale dip to start to form in...
  16. Markw84

    My latest and most advance version of the Enclosed Chamber

    I decided to put all my wish list items in a chamber and build one to incorporate everything I would want. I also want to build these to offer to the folks who buy my Burmese Star hatchlings and would like a great enclosure all set up and ready. Here it is almost ready to go. I will follow...
  17. Markw84

    Going to need a bigger door!

    Well, when I built this, I thought I'd allowed plenty of room for a full grown sulcata. I'm used to seeing a large male about 110 - 120 lbs. Crush is still growing fast and over 185 lbs now. I hatched him in 1999 - so he's almost 20 now. Diego is sitting in front and a more normal adult...
  18. Markw84

    Hatchlings doing great & growing quickly

    They sure do make a mess of things! I fed them late yesterday afternoon and this morning four were already up and eating again on the demolished and scattered pile of various weeds and grass. There are 12 in this enclosure, but hard to find with all the plants they love to hide in.
  19. Markw84

    A Star is Born!

    The first hatchling of the 2018-19 egg laying season is out of the egg. I love these platynota!
  20. Markw84

    What Is, and what Causes Pyramiding?

    I remember as a young boy one of the things that fueled my interest with chelonians was seeing how much was just NOT KNOWN about them. When I became fascinated with an animal, I ran to the encyclopedia to find out about it. I also always went to the library and checked out every book I could...