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  1. Markw84

    Please help confirm the sex of my tortoise!

    How big is your sulcata? It does look female, but they all do until the male characteristics develop. They usually develop at 14" - 16". But 16" (which is also 16lbs) if it still looks female, it is 99% female. Right now the tail looks female. The anal scutes look totally neutral. The...
  2. Markw84

    PLEASE HELP DONT KNOW WHY THIS IS (shell prroblem)

    Your tortoise had been pyramding slightly to moderately its first year and a half, but since then it has smoother out much more to where it really isn't pyramiding much not at all. That is normal for sulcatas once they reach about 10"-12" and go outdoors full time if they have an area with good...
  3. Markw84

    Leopard Tortoises

    That is pothos. Probably the easiest and most common houseplant to grow. This plant thrives on our tortoise enclosures. Babies do great with it. As the tortoises get bigger they start to eat it and find they like it. So with juveniles and above, you need to either hang it or have it in...
  4. Markw84

    Ceramic heat emitter

    Yes, we have the same issue in California where incandescent bulbs are illegal to sell. However, "specialty" incandescents can be sold. So we are forced to buy the very overpriced reptile brands. Just be sure you get an A19 style bulb or a BR30 type. Stay away from the spot bulbs which would...
  5. Markw84

    Watery Poop

    This time of year when we are forced to feed more grocery greens, and perhaps cactus for good calcium, that will indeed lead to a much more soft poop. Some parasite problems can also present with watery poop and an increase in smell. In particular flagellates and some amoebas. Are you...
  6. Markw84

    Redfoot pyramiding?

    It already shows positively for the changes you made 2 mos ago as I surmised in my previous post. With those additional changes, you are planning, I think you will have a very nice looking tortoise as it continues to grow. The pyramiding from the first few months will become almost...
  7. Markw84

    Redfoot pyramiding?

    Yes those are better picture angles. Your tortoise is definitely pyramiding. However, it looks like the last 8 weeks or so has been much better. The growth when your tortoise was 3-5 months old was the worst pyramiding and that is what is pronounced now by the smoother growth the past 2 mos...
  8. Markw84

    Redfoot pyramiding?

    Really not good pictures to evaluate how much pyramiding is happening the past month or so. We need a good view at good resolution from the side or front quarter to see the vertebral seams and perhaps the vertebral/costal seams. Here's a picture I took last week as I track the progress and...
  9. Markw84

    Sunked in scute

    I try to add some really high calcium foods for young tortoises. Thinly sliced cactus pad strips. Clover. I don't know if Will (@Kapidolo Farms ) is shipping to Europe, but his dried goods are indefensible this time of year. Sprinkle dried plantain or moringa on the day's mix, etc.
  10. Markw84

    Sunked in scute

    Your tortoise actually looks really good. Ensure that there is enough calcium and D3 and/or sunlight/UVB exposure. IF going to the vet, don't let them give a vitamin injections. If they do a blood test, just have them check blood calcium levels to be sure.
  11. Markw84

    Ceramic heat emitter

    You don't need more UVB strips. The one you have is fine. IF you replace the 7% with a 12% bulb, and lower to about 20" it would be perfect. Just need to lower it with the 7%. Change the MVB to a regular incandescent BR30 flood bulb and hang next to the UVB. PUt the CHE over the other end...
  12. Markw84

    Ceramic heat emitter

    I don't know how else to explain it other than what I did above. Your UVB strip is way too high to give any UVB at tortoise level. The only way to get it right is a UVB meter. Perhaps @ZEROPILOT has some readings from a 7% he can share to give you and idea of height. The UVB light is...
  13. Markw84

    Sunked in scute

    I can't tell what scute you are referring to. Are you talking about the costal or vertebral 3rd scute? A full size image in the proper orientation would help. The only thing I think I can see from what you describe is the 3rd right costal?? The area of the rear of the 3rd costals and front...
  14. Markw84

    Hermanns Boys or Girls?

    Can't tell the size/age, but both certainly look female. Females can indeed display a much smaller sex organ, but it is much less common to see than a male "showing off"!
  15. Markw84

    Ceramic heat emitter

    That configuration will not work with your setup. As @Tom always posts - there are 4 elements you need to address for heating and lighting. Let's go through them for your setup. 1- A CHE is used to maintain an ambient (minimum) temperature. IT should be on a thermostat. But... Its hard for...
  16. Markw84

    Hey Bill: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Happy Birthday, Bill! So glad to have you on the forum and always look forward to seeing your advice and input.
  17. Markw84

    White spots on shell. Shell rot or keratin stress?

    It looks to me like some condensation spots just under the keratin layer from the transition to constant cool temps to now a warmer temperature. The differential in warming of the keratin vs the underlying bone and tissue could cause this to form. Aquatic turtles have scutes that look like...
  18. Markw84

    Is Exo Terra UVB 100, 13W, 5.0 Compact, good for my 1 year old spur tighed tortoise to bask on?

    That black bulb is a heat emitter. Not good for basking at all but used for maintaining ambient heat. A regular incandescent (old style bulb, not the new LED) is best for a baking bulb. It puts out heat and light and the tortoise used both heat and light to stimulate basking. For UVB, as...
  19. Markw84

    I sent you and email with the info sheet on the enclosures I build. mark

    I sent you and email with the info sheet on the enclosures I build. mark