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  1. Kwakin

    Enrichment for a 1 yr old?

    does anybody have any enrichment ideas for a baby Russian tortoise born winter 2019-early 2020. S/he is not really interacting with me much and I want them to have some fun with me and not just bury and sit in the shadows of their enclosure. Long story short, need toy ideas. Also if you...
  2. Kwakin

    What's for tort Christmas presents?

    so what are we getting for our tortoise this year for Christmas? me, I haven't decided but you can also give advice for what to get for them.
  3. Kwakin

    What Gender?

    Does anybody know any signs of telling the difference between a male or female? Because I just got a new baby Russian that we got 4 days ago and he/she is about 6-10 months old. Can anybody help me I want to use one gender instead of just the antecedent(name) we picked for them “Sonoma”