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  1. Tjsalyers


    Thanks all veterans for your. service turbo is doing good I think I'm camping I'm going home today
  2. Tjsalyers


    Turbo is very happy and bright eyes just to let you guys know. Tj
  3. Tjsalyers


    Heres a pic of turbo tank from all angels so her you go mom won't let me fill it full of water because the floor is plywood I will need a bigger filter so yea and light TURBO is cute ain't he Tj
  4. Tjsalyers


    Turbo is very happy I'm fixing his tank big time so TURBO will be happy if anyone has ideas please let me know. Tj
  5. Tjsalyers


    Sorry I didn't tell you I have no box turtles all my box turtles were wild so I let them go TURBO I changed his name back to TURBO but I have hade turbo from when he hatched heres a pic
  6. Tjsalyers


    I changed his name to TURBO so hope ever one like it
  7. Tjsalyers


    I don't know if you do painted turtles here I no longer have any box turtles but I have baby deeks heres my latest pic of deeks
  8. Tjsalyers


    Hello everyone I got a few new things for DIESEL I got some eco earth and mom's going to let me get a hundred gallon tank by putting two totes together and screw It together so tell me what you think. Tj
  9. Tjsalyers

    Newbie Sulcata Enclosure Help!

    Hello welcome to the forum try to go as big as you can i try but it doesn't always work so hope she or he will do good. Tj
  10. Tjsalyers

    Please identify this box turtle

    I agree he is a a eastern box turtle please take care of him I know you will 😀 tj
  11. Tjsalyers


    Can everyone post a picture of your guys box turtle tank thanks. Tj
  12. Tjsalyers

    My turn.........Matilda dragging food into water?

    so cute can you post some of your bigger box turtle tank please. Tj
  13. Tjsalyers

    New diesle

    Thanks jeff
  14. Tjsalyers

    New diesle

    I got me a new turtle I named him diesle I let my last one go so let's how this goes
  15. Tjsalyers

    Not basking

    Take him out side for two hours
  16. Tjsalyers

    Hatchling died??? :( (new user)

    I'm very sorry it has to be hard all prayers
  17. Tjsalyers

    Sully the sulcata

    He looks health take out for two hours a day and he should be fine I've had box turtles all my life and now I have a baby paint turtle TURBO diesel is the box turtle
  18. Tjsalyers


    I'm looking for a cheap male eastern box turtle please let me know if any one has one. Tj
  19. Tjsalyers

    Sully the sulcata

    He's very cute