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  1. StaffordC

    Burmese Star Baby Photo Shoot

    Just wanted to post some photo updates of my baby Burmese Star I got from @Markw84 He/She is doing great, eats all the time, and is very active all day!
  2. StaffordC

    Smart Enclosure & New Burmese Star Hatchling

    I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to @Markw84 on his craftsmanship, dedication, and attention to detail with his Smart Enclosures and the way he cares for all of his tortoises. I had the pleasure of meeting up with him a couple weeks ago to pick up my Smart Enclosure and just received my...
  3. StaffordC

    Ibera Greek Hatchling not gaining weight

    Hi everyone, I have posted a couple times in the past about my hatchling not eating much food, but over the past couple of weeks, he has started to eat much more every single day since I moved him into a makeshift closed chamber. He will be in the makeshift closed chamber until I can pick up my...
  4. StaffordC

    Ibera Greek hatchling can’t eat food

    Hello everyone, I offer my Ibera Greek Hatchling fresh food every morning & after his 30 min afternoon soak(Endive, Escarole, Mustard & Dandelion Greens, the ‘Broadleaf Testudo Seed Mix‘ from Tortoise Supply, and the Zoo Med Flower Topper until my ‘Herbal Hay’ comes in from Tortoise Supply.) I...
  5. StaffordC

    How to make a Zoo Med Tortoise House waterproof

    Hello everyone, I just ordered a Zoo Med Tortoise House for my Ibera Greek hatchling, and I need to know the best way to make it waterproof so that the humidity and water do not warp the wood or make it rot. I have thought about sealing it with a non-toxic sealant, but I can’t find a good...
  6. StaffordC

    Will this Coco coir be safe to use with my Ibera Greek hatchling?

    I have been looking at different brands for coco coir because buying them at Petco/Petsmart can get expensive. I came across some on Amazon, and I’m fairly certain that it will work just fine, but I wanted to get some other opinions on it. It says that it is 100% organic and OMRI listed with low...
  7. StaffordC

    Best brand for Organic Topsoil

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here and I have been reading all over to try and find the best brand for Organic Topsoil or Organic Soil to mix with coconut coir in my Ibera Greek tortoise hatchling enclosure. I live in California, and I know that specific states have their own "blends"...