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  1. Ink

    Lifetime guarantee of a tortoise??

    Has anyone ever heard of that? There is a company selling tortoises like that..
  2. Ink

    Wondering how much a 5 year old

    Eastern Hermann tortoise should appropriately weigh? Miss. Dexter Persimmons is 4 or 5 years old I have had him for a couple of months. He was 320g and now 355g approximately. He is 4 1/2 in length. I want to make sure he is somewhat close to his normal weight for his size. Thanks He didn't...
  3. Ink

    THANK YOU, Tortoise Forum!

    I don't post alot, but I do read most posts. My newest tortoise, Miss. Dexter Persimmons was not doing so well. He is about 4 or 5 years old but I have only had him about 1.5 months. He started to slow down, not eating as much and his tounge didn't look as pink. Before I got him I picked up...
  4. Ink

    Miss. Dexter Persimmons update

    Yes, he is on a towel by his food due to pinworms. I don't want him to eat paper. I just received my scale and he is gaining weight. March 13 320grams weighed by the vet before pinworm meds. Now April 5 (after 2 rounds of meds) 331grams. I only purchased a scale to make sure he wasn't loosing...
  5. Ink

    Help! ASAP Russian needs a home now

    Someone found this wondering around for a few days. It was outside her house and way too cold. I can't keep it, I didn't want it to die. Please help
  6. Ink

    New to me tortoise!

    I just picked her(?) Up. She pooped in her bath, and is still eating alot. Please let me know what kind it is and if Miss. Persimmon is true to her name. Thank you they said she is about 3 or 4??
  7. Ink

    Water dish...DIY

    I made this water dish from some leftover slate I had. My western hermann, Gilbert, loves my design. It is shallow enough for him to climb around on safely because he is so small. He can bask on the flat part of the dish or soak in very shallow water. I stays in there all day, and the water...
  8. Ink

    Two tortoises

    I have my leopard tortoise Ink. He is about 13 years old. I got him when he was about a month old. I recently got Gilbert, a western hermann 's tortoise. He is almost 6 months old. I have been a member for awhile just never posted. My German Shepherd is a retired therapy dog in the photo with...