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  1. method89

    Amazon. Grow tent sales Some good stuff if you want to use grow tents as a closed chamber
  2. method89

    Cheap bluetooth temp and humidity gauge

    Saw and bought this on Amazon today: I'll setting up a new enclosure for my latest hatchling this weekend. I'll report back in a week or so.
  3. method89

    Fogger hide for all tortoises?

    In Chris Leone's Egyptian tortoise enclosure video he builds a "fogger hide". I'm wondering if this setup would be good for all tortoises? If not, why?
  4. method89

    1st annual (I think/hope) Tortoise Forum Virtual Conference/Party/Meeting

    Everyone, So as I've been on more Zoom meeting and Webinars in the these last 3 months then my entire adult life and it got me thinking about "What if we had a conference or whatever we want to call it?". I know there are plenty of people on here who can share plenty of tortoise information as...
  5. method89

    Mark2 thru 83. Where are they now??

    All we ever see is @mark1 and @Markw84 What happened to the rest of the Marks??
  6. method89

    Happy Birthday Srmcclure!

  7. method89

    Plant ID?

    Anyone know what this is. I found it while walking in the woods
  8. method89

    Turtle ID

    Can anyone ID the type of turtle in the picture. Looks like a red ear slider to me. He's on craigslist currently.
  9. method89

    good starter turtle

    I'm thinking I need an aquatic turtle. I would like one that stays on the smaller side and that can be kept in an aquarium for awhile anyway. Outdoor pond not on schedule or budget till at least next year. Open to suggestions. *RES are not an option*
  10. method89

    Plant ID?

    It's a wildflower. That's all I know. Anybody have an idea?
  11. method89

    1 year Western Hermann's Weight

    How much should a one year old Testudo Hermanni Hermanni weigh? Mine is roughly 8-9 months old and weighs 40g. I think he looks pretty healthy and has been gaining weight slowly but steady.
  12. method89

    Something feels different in here lately

    Maybe its just me, maybe its quarantine but it feels like there is an inordinate amount of posters who are asking questions that they apparently already knew the answers to. Damn you, Corona!
  13. method89

    Climbing trees/plants

    My hatchling is climbing up what would amount to a tree in his world... He's fallen and ended up on his back twice. Is this normal behavior or is trying to tell me something?
  14. method89

    ECOWITT WH0291 Soil Moisture Tester Plant Soil Moisture Sensor Meter with Digital LCD Display for Ga

    ECOWITT WH0291 Soil Moisture Tester Plant Soil Moisture Sensor Meter with Digital LCD Display for Garden Lawn Potted Plant Care Indoor Outdoor Has anyone ever seen this? used it? like it? hate it? Seems like a easily way to monitor the soil/substrate humidity...
  15. method89

    Craigslist Diamondback Terrapin The turtle's shell clearly doesn't look right, or is it just me? I'm barely a tortoise guy let alone a turtle guy.
  16. method89

    Closed enclosure

    Would this work for a hatchling? I want to put my tub in the bottom and the lights could hang from the top. I could them close it and keep in humidity. Thoughts?
  17. method89

    Hello from Long Island

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking here for a little while, reading as much as I can about about as much as I can. I will get be getting a Western Hermann's hatchling (Apulia edition) from Chris at Garden State Tortoise. He has been super helpful and ridiculously responsive to every question I...