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    What I Fed My Tortoise Today...

    Today was endive, escarole, radicchio, yam leaf, moringa drumsticks, ong choy, and tong ho with dried echinacea and alfalfa.
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    Which tortoise is best?

    True. My first tortoises were a sulcata and a leopard. Small to medium work better for me.
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    Which tortoise is best?

    Every species is cool in their own way so I can't say a best. Unique setups, does well in groups, manageable size, mid-range price, and ease of care makes Pancakes my most underrated.
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    What I Fed My Tortoise Today...

    Today's base was sedum, gongura, narrow leaf plantain, broadleaf plantain, dandelion greens, rose of sharon leaves and flowers, petunias, and white clover topped with Tortoise Supply's herbal hay. Fescue and African variegated grasses were added for stars and pancakes. Red pear, prickly pear...
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    What I Fed My Tortoise Today...

    I started with a base of gongura, narrow leaf plantain, broadleaf plantain, begonias, hibiscus, pumpkin and sweet potato leaves with dried moringa and stinging nettles. Okra, couch grass, and oat grass were added for the pancakes and stars. Ground up raw papaya, white mushrooms, okra and yam...
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    Anyone feed cockscomb?

    Tortoise table lists as a do not feed due to oxalates and saponins. It seems that many people feed plants with oxalates and there seems to be doubt as to the harmfulness of saponins to tortoises. According to wikipedia some saponins can aid in animal digestion and enhance nutrient absorption...
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    I'd hate to see tortoises go the way of the bearded dragon or various geckos where it seems like with all the fancy morphs you just don't see many normals.
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    ID? Edible?

    Thank you.
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    ID? Edible?

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    Need help with food

    I don't have redfoots but do feed strawberry leaves occasionally and melon and pumpkin whole vines frequently.
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    My new favorite turtle.

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    Ethical Dilemma Question

    That is going above and beyond. Hopefully your buyer appreciates what a generous gesture this is.
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    Ethical Dilemma Question

    I'd be upset to receive a tortoise with any imperfections without knowing ahead of time but can't imagine waiting a month to bring it to the seller's attention. I do believe your offer of a replacement makes it right.
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    Hello from newbie in Illinois

    Always nice to see tortoise keepers so close. We're few and far between around here.
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    Enclosure inspiration

    Did you see these?
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    Where's the watermelon of the 1970s?

    I feel that way about a lot of fruits anymore. They've been grown to look good sitting at the store without any care for the taste.
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    Have you fed or seen your tortoise eat Ginkgo leaves?

    I've picked up maybe a couple of dried grams once or twice for some variety as a topper. It was eaten but I can't really say there was anything memorable about it either way.
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    Blueberry Bush inside of a Redfoot enclosure?

    We've had a blueberry bush in one of our enclosures since we brought it in from outside last fall. They haven't touched it.
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    Lost Russian Tortoise (Gwinnett, GA)

    One was found today with a tag attached to its shell. I'm not sure where but it sounds like the southeast. The person who found it is on another forum asking how to remove the tag. Let me know if you need it and I'll send you the link.