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  1. zovick

    Novice requires urgent help

    You definitely have a Hingeback Tortoise. Not sure if Bell's or Spek's, but the care of most of the types is fairly similar. The beak is overgrown and needs to be trimmed to help the tortoise eat more easily. Also, it looks rather dry. I would suggest soaking it in lukewarm water for 15-20...
  2. zovick

    Orange-ish patch on shell. Scud?

    Did you point out that pinkish area on the plastron to the vet or was it not there any longer? If it was there, what did he/she say it might be? It looks like septicemia to me. If it starts spreading and becoming more obvious around the edges of the plastron, you can be pretty sure it is septicemia.
  3. zovick

    I like cats. I dislike cat owners. Please help

    Do you know who owns it? If not, I would trap it and deliver it to the local animal shelter or ASPCA. Or is it possibly a feral cat in which case trapping and animal shelter delivery or euthanasia would be on my list. If you know the owner, a heated discussion with him/her would be in order.
  4. zovick

    Sulcata well-started baby vendors

    The name is vaguely familiar, but I cannot say for sure. I do recall going to the IT&TS Annual Show at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena in 1972 and there was a very large sulcata on display in a playpen. The tortoise was so large it could just about turn around in the playpen. I never did see the...
  5. zovick

    Sulcata well-started baby vendors

    You might also consider a Box Turtle which should do quite well in your area.
  6. zovick

    Sulcata well-started baby vendors

    I owned the first four breeding adult sulcata tortoises in the US back in the 1970's, so I am well-qualified to make this statement to you: If you are successful at finding and raising a baby sulcata, in just a few years you will have a tortoise which has become a 100 to 250 pound behemoth...
  7. zovick

    Tortoise has softish growth on his right side near the back of his jaw. What could it be?

    Looks like an abscess, a blocked salivary gland, or possibly a salivary gland tumor. It could also be a bot fly larva under the skin. None of these are overly serious, and your vet should be able to help you without too much trouble.
  8. zovick

    Is this considered as swollen neck?

    Those ARE the yellow bumps which many other tortoises discussed on this forum have had. There are only a couple tortoises that have survived this problem, and they are stunted and don't grow any more. This tortoise will suffer a great deal in the next couple of months. If I were you, I would...
  9. zovick

    Eye problem?

    The eye is irritated and the nictitating membrane (third eyelid) is inflamed. This should be treated with Neo-Poly-Dex Veterinary eye drops which are available by prescription from a vet.
  10. zovick

    Horsefield tortoise low white blood cells

    If the tortoise has a viral infection, antibiotics will not kill a virus. The only reason to use antibiotics is for a bacterial infection. If a bacterial infection was not diagnosed, you can forget giving the antibiotics as it will not help.
  11. zovick

    I think I have a huge marokkensis, can anyone confirm?

    @HermanniChris should be able to give you a proper ID.
  12. zovick

    Frozen Sulcata

    Just FYI, sulcata do NOT ever hibernate. They have no need to hibernate in their natural range in Africa and therefore totally lack the instinct to do so. Cold temperatures will slow them down, but they have no innate mechanism that will kick in to allow them to deal with it by hibernating...
  13. zovick


    Those white areas on the carapace look like old, dried up shell rot, although they are in areas where it is rather unusual to see it
  14. zovick


    The tortoise has no nuchal scute and is rather large (judging by the relative size of the human hand to the tortoise). Both of those traits would indicate it to likely be a sulcata. The head scalation looks like that of a sulcata also from what I can see. It is a bit hard to see the leg scales...
  15. zovick

    Pink spots on plastron

    It looks fairly normal to me.
  16. zovick

    Health Concerns

    I cannot say for sure. I would think a few months or more. @mastershake do you have any idea how long the yard might need to be quarantined and/or do you know any way(s) to treat the yard to kill Austwickia chelonae?
  17. zovick

    My turtle recently passed away, and I want to found out how she passed away.

    Obviously, it is your decision, but without a necropsy, you will never know what caused the death and whether or not it could have been prevented, knowledge which could help you care for another one in the future.
  18. zovick

    A few pictures of my egyptian tortoises

    Nice looking tortoises. Keep up the good work!
  19. zovick

    Hey Bill: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Thank you to one and all who wished me a happy birthday. It was a great time spent with my family.
  20. zovick

    Health Concerns

    If I were you, I would toss everything that was used for the deceased tortoise and start over with all new equipment. Your yard may be contaminated for some time as well. Is there any way you could use a different part of the yard for a new tortoise?