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    Tortoise terrain

    Hey just wondering what I can do to sterilise tortoise terrain!
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    Thousands of tiny bugs!

    Hi there I have found loads of tiny bugs on my torts shell they crawl everywhere and are ever so small any advice !
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    Just wanting to know peoples experience with hay and if there’s any pros or cons to it. Up for debate!
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    Hi there my red foot is a bit sluggish this week yesterday he didn’t sleep in his hide like normal and today he isn’t walking or moving. I pick him up to make him drink and gab whom a bathe he’s still sluggish I’ve turned his temp up to 32 Celsius he’s not eating much and hasn’t fully ate in two...
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    Hi there I know it’s young to tell and if you can’t it’s fine this is my 1 year red foot tortoise
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    I NEED HELP !!!

    My 7 month old red foot hasn’t opened his one eye since last night he’s eating and drinking fine so I’m just wondering if it’s something that happens and is there’s anything I can do to help !!!!
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    Red foot barely eating

    Hi there just wondering if anyone can help I have a baby red foot he’s about 7 months. He lives in a vivarium with a day temperature of 30 c and a night temp of 28 c. He has coco coir substrate hides bathing pools plants the lot. But when it comes to food he’s not very excited. I’ve had him for...