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    Making sure your tortoise is taken care of when you’re gone

    Wow this board is amazing! It seems to have everything, all the answers lol!
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    New Home for Red Foot

    Just wanted to say she is so beautiful. You’ve clearly done a great job with her.
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    Making sure your tortoise is taken care of when you’re gone

    I have a good amount of animals including 2 tortoises. My tortoises I never plan to rehome as long as I’m alive. The thing is that barring any sudden death or fatal illness I realize these are the main ones that can outlive me. does anyone think about this or make arrangements for their...
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    My Juvenile RFT

    Nice i might just want to use your setup as a template when giving mine its 75 gallon if that’s okay? Lol here’s his current setup any criticism besides it’s a 20 long would be welcomed. other pic is before I tried to make it Into a CC enclosure.
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    Photos of pairs or groups of confined tortoises

    I recently nearly purchased 2 small red foots that were housed together at one of my favorite reptile/fish stores. Until I found this forum and then I decided I’ll only take one of them home with me. I was going to give him a 6x2 feet tortoise table until I learned those would only be ok...
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    My Monitors :)

    Nice! i do feed mine frozen thawed rodents but I even preferred prekilled when feeding snake. Safer to the reptile and kinder to the prey.
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    Got A Group of Red Ackies

    Those are honestly too cool! I’ve wanted an ackie pair or group for awhile. They are awesome dwarf monitors!
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    all of my other pet!

    Besides my 2 dogs and 2 tortoises I have a nice little collection of reptiles. My first reptile, a female leopard gecko named Glimmer My female crested geckos, Chakra and Ember My male crested gecko Olive, and a juvenile crested soon to be sold My male blue tongue skink Rocky my male and...
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    How many tortoises/turtles do we have on TFO ? Let`s count !

    Russian: Ivan Redfoot: Junior = 1395
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    My Juvenile RFT

    After using the search function more I used aluminum and that with the Che bulb and uvb tube both mounted on the inside is keeping everything perfect. It’s in a thermostat of course
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    Tortstork sent a Xmas Miracle!

    That’s the best damn xmas miracle of all time! Very cool.
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    Closed "Chambers"

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    Converting Redfoot tortoise (temporary) 20 long tank into a closed chamber

    That looks amazing! Thanks. I got a ceramic heat emitter on a thermostat inside the tank. I am about to mount the 18” uvb tube inside aswell then seal the top with wood similar to yours. But not as awesome as yours lol.
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    Closed "Chambers"

    I’m heading out to Home Depot now. Will pick one up then. Thanks
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    Closed "Chambers"

    I have a zilla thermostat but am unsure about how to using it with a che bulb? I use them with my heat mats for snakes and my leopard gecko.... I was advised against using them with heat bulbs..
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    Closed "Chambers"

    I wonder if a 100watt heat bulb or a 60watt Che inside a 20 gallon long (30x12x12) would be overkill?
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    Converting Redfoot tortoise (temporary) 20 long tank into a closed chamber

    Ok my first question is, what watt heat bulb or Che should I go with mounted through the lid in the tank itself? and then can I use plexi glass on the lid to keep it insulated or night it melt or reflect light in a bad way? ty
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    My Juvenile RFT

    I’m looking at closed chambers tanks here. Can you use plexiglass to seal in lamps and uvb? I will be using a glass tank for now can I put plexi sheets on lid? also what watt heat bulb or che would work mounted on the inside?
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    Redfoot tortoise foods list

    Currently I feed: spring mix greens Kale Collards Exo Terra juvenile Forrest healthy herp cactus treat zoomed flower topper and am considering adding fruits I’ve read they relish such as berries, banana and mango!