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    My Tortoise Enclosure

    This is my tortoise enclosure, size 4’2’2 with a dome lamp that uses an “80W ZooMed PowerSun Self-Ballasted Mercury Vapor Bulb”. The right side of the tank usually gets around 95-100F whereas the left side is around 75-80F. The bulb is also hung around 16 inches since placing the lamp on top of...
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    Suitable tortoise food?

    Here are a few weeds that grow in my front and backyard, are any of these suitable for my tortoise?
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    Need help with learning how to take care of tortoises

    My siblings got two new tortoises and I'm looking to help care for them, from what I've heard certain tortoises vary in how they're cared for so if anyone can help educate me that be great. I'd like to know what's the ideal enclosure size, what kind of substrate I should use, what I should feed...