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    Making sure your tortoise is taken care of when you’re gone

    I have a good amount of animals including 2 tortoises. My tortoises I never plan to rehome as long as I’m alive. The thing is that barring any sudden death or fatal illness I realize these are the main ones that can outlive me. does anyone think about this or make arrangements for their...
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    all of my other pet!

    Besides my 2 dogs and 2 tortoises I have a nice little collection of reptiles. My first reptile, a female leopard gecko named Glimmer My female crested geckos, Chakra and Ember My male crested gecko Olive, and a juvenile crested soon to be sold My male blue tongue skink Rocky my male and...
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    Converting Redfoot tortoise (temporary) 20 long tank into a closed chamber

    Ok my first question is, what watt heat bulb or Che should I go with mounted through the lid in the tank itself? and then can I use plexi glass on the lid to keep it insulated or night it melt or reflect light in a bad way? ty
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    Redfoot tortoise foods list

    Currently I feed: spring mix greens Kale Collards Exo Terra juvenile Forrest healthy herp cactus treat zoomed flower topper and am considering adding fruits I’ve read they relish such as berries, banana and mango!
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    My Juvenile RFT

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    Ivan wants out of his enclosure BAD

    My russian tortoise when I brought him home, he I placed in a 40 breeder aquarium which was meant to be temporary, he didn't have a problem with it. It was 36x18. Now I placed him iin 72x24 of wooden enclosure and he scratches, tries to claw, and climb his way out. It is indoor, and driving me...
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    Brought home my russian tortoise! (video)

    Here is a video of my new RT eating this morning! :) Right now indoors enclosure and I will's a 40 breeder but 1) It is an upgrade from what they had this guy, and others in at the petstore and 2) I most definately am getting the guy in a much bigger wooden enclosure by December...
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    Kale sprouts?

    I bought a russian tortoise, and I got lots of leafy greens including kale, endive, red and green romaine lettuces, spinach and I even got rose petals. I also picked up kale SPROUTS which I need to know if this are fine as a topping or anything?
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    Can I keep a box turtle on my porch?

    I live in warm sunny Central Florida, I am wondering if I can setup a box turtle setup on my back porch that has plenty of windows that can be opened up allowing him/her direct sunlight. Please tell me I can do this, and using a 75 gallon aquarium, I know rubbermaid bins also allowed but can I...