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    New Hide

    Hello anyone out there, I bought a clear plastic Tupperware container and spray painted it black 5 days ago. I just put it in my tortoises tank. It smells like paint. Will the fumes effect my tortoise? Please advise. Thank you.
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    Glass tank

    Hello all, I have 6 month sulcata tortoise, we recently upgraded his enclosure to a bigger tank, do you recommend covering the sides so that he cannot see out, or will he get used to it? I’m not sure if he’s just exploring or if he’s nervous looking out. Thank you!
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    What is this?

    Can anyone tell what this white spot is? It is on both sides. Wasn’t there a few days ago. Only thing he ate different last few days has been prickly pear. But he has had it before.
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    Glass Tanks

    Is a glass enclosure ok? Right now I have an open enclosure. Looking to switch because obviously can’t control humidity for my baby sulcata.
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    Hello all, New to forum. Just purchased a hatchling Sulcata Tortoise. Was given rabbit pellets to use as substrate. Is this a good idea or bad idea? Please advise. Thanks, BOSS2020