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    Hi i am looking to buy a sulcata tortoise do anyone have any for sell
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    Do any one know where I can buy a sulcata tortoise

    Hello 👋 do anyone know who I can buy a sulcata tortoise from please and thank you
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    Hi my baby sulcata tortoise

    Hi baby sulcata tortoise is not doing well he won’t eat he is just laying around his eyes is closed shut they won’t open I don’t know what to do
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    My baby won’t open one of his eyes

    Can anyone help me my baby won’t open one of his eyes
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    Sad day

    Today at 9:00am I found my baby hatchling died she was doing very well and then a couple days ago she just stopped me and my kids are very disappointed ☹️..... we got her tortoise town ..... if any one up here is selling any sulcata tortoise 🐢 please let me know I want to get them another
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    Hi need help

    I received my sulfate tortoise a few days ago And she is not eating the food any all should I be concerned ?