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    Gender ID

    Hi, Can anyone help me determine the gender of our big baby? Thanks, Byron
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    Humidity For Adult Sulcata

    Hi Everyone, I have a 25 pound sulcata and this will be his first winter in his new enclosure. I am now monitoring humidity more vigilagently and am curious what the current recommendations are for humidity for a sulcata of George’s size. The humidity is currently at about 20%. I know that...
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    Thermometer Placement for Thermostat

    Hi All, I have a thermostat that has a thermocouple connected by wire. Currently, I place this thermocouple below the light attatched to the wall. However, this placement seems to measure the temperature innaccurately. For example the thermostat will measure 95 degrees where directly under the...
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    Introducing Lizards to Reduce Flys

    Hi everyone, Last season we had a major house fly problem even with habitual cleaning and sub weekly substrate changing. I think the part of the country we are in has a large number of flys. We tried many different methods but nothing worked. Basil plants, fly traps, fly tape, and water bags...