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  1. jensem17

    Your enclosure experience - what is your best view on Husbandry needs

    I have isopods and spring tails in a fully planted set up for my baby Russian tortoise. So far everyone/thing seems happy and thriving. The plants around the perimeter are edible but not his favs. The ones in the middle require replacement every now and then. For his adult enclosure I plan...
  2. jensem17

    New enclosure (36x18 terrarium)

    Update. Furnace on required modifcation. Tinfoil and tin tape to the rescue. And of course, some more plants and a proper pool area. I put the T5 ZooMed 5.0 tube back in the fixture now that the screen top is not in the way. I had an Arcadia 12% to compensate for the screen.
  3. jensem17

    Real world UVB test done

    This is a pretty good article on UVB and reptiles... It's also a great visual as to why most on this forum are against MVB. They don't list all the tortoise species, just the larger ones.
  4. jensem17

    Real world UVB test done

    I just replaced my ReptiSun T5 34" with an Arcadia 12% 34" in my ReptiSun 36" T5 fixture without issue. I would assume the 22" would replace the ZooMed T5 the same.
  5. jensem17

    Here's a place to rant about people making up stuff about owning a tortoise.

    Confirmation bias and the inability to accept constructive criticism has been and will continue to be our downfall. It can be disheartening to put work into something and then be told it's wrong or harmful. Obviously, the easier route would be to assume that the person is wrong and then...
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    The start of Creeper’s enclosure!

    looks great! My 3 are always wanting to involved too, usually turns into chaos shortly after I snap a pic. 😆
  7. jensem17

    Real world UVB test done

    Thank you for posting your results! This is really good info. Also! Happy birthday!!
  8. jensem17

    Indoor enclosure and live plants

    I curently have a number of safe plants in my torts enclosure. They're doing just fine with the UV strip. Only advise I have is to make sure the ones near the basking bulb can take the heat. Standard Amazon or big box store grow lights should be just fine. Even under the counter strip led...
  9. jensem17

    Do you need help with your UVB level?

    For sure! This is very true! I have the same ZooMed hood and light combo pack (but the 36" not the 24"). I have a ZooMed terrarium, so I *assume* the screen would be the same as on their Reptibreeze. All that said I do have a UV meter on the way (backordered grr), so in the mean time I'd...
  10. jensem17

    Do you need help with your UVB level?

    Oh this is so very awesome of you! I have this light and a screen top, I built up the substrate in the basking corner so it's at 11.5" and the low side is at 15". Would love the readings too without screen if that's not to much trouble!
  11. jensem17

    New enclosure (36x18 terrarium)

    I agree! But it is hard not too. 😆🐢💚
  12. jensem17

    New enclosure (36x18 terrarium)

    If I could have him outside for more of the year, I doubt I would have ever bought one. 🤷 I'm using coco coir with a little cypress mulch mixed in and there's some organic soil from the plants. The mould was starting on the leaves too, which lead me to belief that some ventilation is...
  13. jensem17

    New enclosure (36x18 terrarium)

    I actually considered getting a larger bin and a row cover like that, but went against it. The bin I first had set up was in the bottom of a mini greenhouse I already had. Even with the flap open I was getting mould on the substrate and leaves of the plants. That's one of the reasons I went...
  14. jensem17

    New enclosure (36x18 terrarium)

    Claw got an upgrade from his bin this weekend. So far he's done a full tour and nibbled every plant at least once. I sprinkled his fave seeds in the substrate (plaintain, dandelion, kale and clover). I know I'll have to upgrade as he grows, but I'm really happy with how this looks right now. :)
  15. jensem17

    Normal shell growth or not humid enough?

    Thanks! I've been following that guide since before I got him. :) Guess I have "New Tort Parent Syndrome"! Thank you for replying. :)
  16. jensem17

    Normal shell growth or not humid enough?

    Hi! Claw will be 2 months old tomorrow and has lived with us for 2 weeks. I'm starting to notice shell growth and am wondering if it looks normal. I've searched and read previous threads but I'm still not sure. First pic is when Claw arrived and 2nd/3rd are tonight. I have yet to see Claw...
  17. jensem17

    Vancouver, BC, Canada - baby tortoise

    Look up C and C tortoises, or slow and steady tortoises or Nelson who sells on kijiji.
  18. jensem17

    The Tortoise Table App (Plant Database): Testers wanted

    Is there any plan to add a "what plant is this" functionality? Much like PlantNet or similar? Asking as I currently use one app to identify and then tortoise table to look up. :)
  19. jensem17

    Tiny white bugs (mites?) w/ video

    Springtails! Congrats, you have a bioactive enclosure. :) Their population will level off once they have consumed the newly available food sources.
  20. jensem17

    Russian Hatchling Enclosure

    Hi! I recently got a hatching and the crew on this forum was really helpful. Follow this guide and post a pic of your set up. I was warned against the moss as they will try and eat it.